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On September 6, 2002, the U.S. Justice Department announced that it would no longer argue that Microsoft should be broken up into separate companies. A settlement with the Federal government was reached on November 2, 2002 that required Microsoft to release portions of its source code to competitors to allow other programs to effectively function under Windows. This settlement also allowed computer makers to select which Microsoft products would be loaded onto computers that they sell. While most U.S. states have accepted this settlement, nine U.S. states and the District of Columbia (as of 2/2/02) are still pursuing antitrust action against Microsoft. The settlement of the federal case has not yet been accepted by the Federal court.

Jackson wasn't buying any of it.The ruling goes on to detail the ways in which Microsoft used its monopoly power to bludgeon the competition.

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Netscape filed papers with the U. S. Department of Justice to halt Microsoft's alleged predatory pricing and bundling practices. Gary Reback, Netscape's counsel, charged that Microsoft offered clandestine payments, discounts, and other financial favors to companies who agreed to stop selling Navigator and started selling Explorer. He said, "Microsoft tactics include manipulating the disclosure of APIs, and the bundling of products such as FrontPage, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft's Internet Server with Microsoft's monopoly operating systems." Even Ralph Nader’s Consumer Project on Technology has entered the fray. In October 1997, it circulated e-mail to the DOJ asking DOJ to take action against Microsoft, and later held a conference that consisted mostly of complaining sessions. Nader’s raiders claim Microsoft should not be allowed to bundle Internet Explorer with its operating system in ways that are unavailable to other firms. Specifically, IE should not "own a place of prominence" on the screen to the detriment of other products.

Even if you include Apple, which is undeniably on an upswing, Microsoft still has more than 80% of the PC market.

Jackson still has to issue conclusions of law--expected early next year--in which he'll use these facts to decide if Microsoft used its monopoly power to violate the antitrust laws.

Microsoft was considered a monopoly in the late 90's because it had monopoly market power

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Even if the federal antitrust case is settled, there are still several antitrust actions pending against Microsoft. AOL and the Be Corporation have each brought antitrust charges against Microsoft, claiming that Microsoft has undertaken actions that harmed the producers of Netscape and BeOs. The European Commission is also currently discussing possible antitrust action against Microsoft.

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The department has charged that Microsoft holds a monopoly in the market for personal computer operating systems and has accused the company of violating a 1995 consent decree that was aimed at increasing competition in the software industry.

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Many of Wintel’s detractors look forward to the day when DOJ puts a stop to further advances of the Wintel oligopoly. But so far, DOJ has mostly kept its hands off. For example, in its first major encounter with DOJ, the dominant PC software company got the DOJ to back off in exchange for an end to price-fixing (Operating Systems license fees). The 1995 consent decree allowed Microsoft to monopolize the desktop operating systems space but prevented it from strong-arming vendors into buying other Microsoft "applications" in order to keep their Windows license. Note that Microsoft got what it wanted in 1995 - free reign over the operating systems market in exchange for a slap on the hand. This decree will be an important piece of paper in the legal browser wars that are about to take place in 1998.

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Microsoft operating systems account for approximately of microcomputer computer operating systems. Microsoft's Windows operating system has become the standard for home and business computer applications. It is fairly clear that Microsoft is the dominant firm in the market for computer operating systems. The question in the current Microsoft antitrust case is whether or not the computer firm has used its market dominance to restrain trade in violation of federal antitrust statutes.

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Netscape and Sun Microsystems have positioned themselves as the Ida Tarbells of software. You remember Ida - the woman who brought down Standard Oil around the turn of the century. Her series of articles (later turned into a book) about how Standard Oil’s monopolistic price-fixing crushed its competitors eventually led to the break-up of Standard. Earlier, in 1887, the Interstate Commerce Commission had been formed to protect farmers against greedy railroad companies. The ICC set shipping rates and micro-managed the shipping business down to the smallest detail. Isn’t this kind of regulation necessary, again?