First-Year Seminar | Dickinson College

Emily Dickinson is one of America’s greatest and most original poets of all time

Purpose of the First-Year Seminar

Through the use of unconventional grammar styles Dickinson was able to create a poem, when read in the mind appears to be incomprehensible, but when read aloud is made clear to the reader.

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Repelled by the flowery abstractions recited by the Church, Dickinson created a form all her own: audacious, oblique and arresting in its breathless transference of thoughts to the page. She embraces the largest of themes and penetrates their core in a few exacting lines, describing in ‘I heard a Fly buzz—’, for instance, not the apprehension of death but the moment of dying. She wittily expresses her scepticism towards ‘faith’ versus her regard for science, and makes clear her belief in the primacy of the self. Exploring the vagaries of the human mind, she delivers emotional insights with a precision and candour remarkable even by modern standards.

This story is full of overlapping, interwoven, interlocking circumstance beyond the statistical or reasonable bounds of chance or coincidence. Pursuing each facet, each tortuous avenue from "The Dickinson Statement" as a starting point will confound and dumbfound the pursuer with still more mind-boggling information.
The histories of Cecil Rhodes, Rhodes Scholarships, the Bilderbergers, the US Federal Reserve, the Illuminati, international banking, the House of Rothschild and General Aniline and Film, are just a few of the 'avenues' to be explored that will make your hair 'stand on end'!