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Dec 29, 2015 · Antarctica’s mineral, oil and gas wealth are a longer-term prize

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The Antarctic Treaty is due to be renewed in 1991*. Some nations would like to change the treaty so that they can prospect for natural resources. This could mean that, if natural gas and oil are found to be present, oil rigs and storage areas would be constructed in Antarctica. It would also mean that super-tankers would be frequent visitors to the continent.

Many ecologists are afraid that mining activities in Antarctica could have dreadful effects.

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Human Impacts on Antarctica and Threats to the Environment– Mining and Oil.

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Mining in Antarctica would be very difficult, dangerous and expensive as the Human Impacts on Antarctica and Threats to the Environment – Mining and Oil. 3 Nov 2014 Mining in the Antarctic is not likely to happen any time soon, as scientists believe the treaty that bans exploration and exploitation of the region's The threat to Antarctica from mining for minerals and extracting oil and gas. Read More Benefits Realisation Management | Mining Guide & Mining Project 2 Jun 2016 The 29 countries party to the Antarctic Treaty unanimously reaffirmed their commitment to a ban on mining activities in the Antarctic on June. 19 Nov 2012 There are deposits of minerals such as coal and iron ore in Antarctica, but there are vast economic and technical difficulties associated with the 7 Aug 2009 The Arctic region is under threat from Climate Change, increased The map below highlights where they are going, and their history in the The threat to Antarctica from mining for minerals and extracting oil and gas. Mineral map of Antarctica showing known significant deposits of minerals. Key There are 4 main threats to Antarctica: Mining, fishing, Global warming and tourism. Some people may say 'tourism! How can that be a threat?!?' so we shall The Environmental Protocol bans all mineral resource activities in Antarctica The collapse of CRAMRA was the first major threat to the Antarctic Treaty System. 20 Jan 2015 New evidence emerges of China's interest in exploiting Antarctica's minerals Professor Brady discovered a map of Antarctica's mineral resources on an said he was concerned that Australia was not taking the threat to the