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Short Stories Analyzed: Symbolism: Miss Brill

In this short story written by Katherine Mansfield, we can tell that Miss Brill is lonely and isolated from everyone else. From the very beginning, author tells us that she is all alone in her small room with her fur. “For although the band played all year round on Sundays, out of season it was never the same.” This quote show that she has ritual in which she goes to park every Sunday on her own. Later as the story progresses she becomes more judgemental, a good example of that would be when she sits next to a old couple and starts calling them “old and funny”. Meanwhile she thinks of her self as young and funny person. Also this quote shows how lonely and how jealous she is and how fragile her personality is. Every Sunday Ms Brill has a ritual to buy and then eat her lovely cake. When young couple called her old, the words made her so upset that she skipped her routine.
In conclusion Katharine Mansfield describes Ms Brill as a old women that can’t accept and face reality that she is lonely and tries to mask the situation.

An analysis of the major symbols found in the short story Miss Brill
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Miss Brill's fur necklet functions as a characterization device

The process of characterization is mainly used by writers to make the characters seem as if they were real in the eyes of the readers. One main method of making this reality come to pass is in the use of protagonists and antagonists. In Katherine’s Miss Brill, the author uses Miss Brill as the protagonist while Phoenix is presented as the protagonist in Eudora Welty’s A Worn Path. Despite having been written at different times and by different writers, both books have the same insights as regards to the use of this concept of protagonists. The reality portrayed in both books is that both protagonists are similar but still similar in many aspects. The use of protagonists in the two books is effective in making the characters seem real.

23/02/2018 · Miss Brill's fur necklet functions as a characterization device
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After reading this short story by Katherine Mansfield, I noticed that there was a lot of indirect characterization done through symbols and literary devices, which often indicates the loneliness and isolation our protagonist must be feeling. Miss Brill enjoys her life without any complexions until she finally faces her reality. Throughout the story she is eavesdropping in on other people’s conversations attempting to make her life more interesting. One of the complexity developed symbols is the fur described in the first paragraph, that could, although not directly, represent Miss Brill’s traits and emotions she is trying to leave below the surface, denying them to those around and to herself. The fur that Miss Brill owns is a symbol of her life. Her actions towards to the fur are as if the fur is alive. Miss Brill’s fur coat symbolizes her life because not only does it share a similar life to hers but, in the end of the story when she puts the fur back into the closet “without looking” (Mansfield p.g 4) she at the same time cries because a boy insulted her by calling her stupid and at the same time a girl offending her fur.

Decide on how Katherine Mansfield's character Miss Brill is characterized; what, overall, does Mansfield show about her
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