#5. The Witch Hunts are/were all .

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#6. of people died because of the Witch Hunts.

I am basing the above debunking of myths and correction of errors on research for my collegeon the witch hunts and my book,. For more information, see my , the above, other information on , and my .

#7. People condemned during the Witch Hunts were  at the stake.

Witch-hunts are today practiced in modern times throughout the world

COMMENTARY: When the Witch Hunts first began to intensify, in the 1400s, onechurch hierarchy, what I call the Latin Catholic Church, dominated WesternCivilization. Even within that one church, however, uniformity in all matters offaith and belief had not been fully imposed.

#8. During the time of the Witch Hunts, witches actually existed and worked .

The great tragedy of the Witch Hunts is not only was thereno conspiracy of witches, but even if there were, they could do noserious harm to society. See . Anothersignificant aspect that made the European Witch Hunts wasthe large-scale involvement of government authorities. Today, insome parts of the world (especially in ,including ,or ,, as well as), people are persecuting other people for allegedly beingwitches (even); but governments rarely support these persecutions with much interest, if it atall. If they did, we might have proper "witch hunts." (Zimbabwe, however, , and ).

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COMMENTARY: The earlier estimates, too often the figure of 9 to 10million dead is cited, were grossly exaggerated; no respectable historian supports themanymore. Modern figures concerning the number of executed witches are based on amuch closer examination of the surviving historical records, combined withreasonable guesswork and statistical analysis for those areas and periodslacking clear sources. The hunts were anything but constant, systematic orfrequent.

Transition to the early modern witch-hunts

A notoriously common myth is that the alleged witches at Salem in colonial Massachusettswere burned. All of the convicted during the Salem Witch Hunt in 1692 died by hanging. Others died by natural causes before conviction or execution, and Giles Coreywas pressed to death. In fact, no witches were executed by burning in theEnglish colonies of North America. English law did not permit it.

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The bigger question is why the authorities would consider the witches adanger (as opposed to traditional scapegoats like Jews, heretics, homosexuals,foreigners, or even sorcerers)? Specific hunts were often rooted in specific local circumstances. Still,historians have tried to come up with general explanations for the complexphenomenon of witch hunts. One should be wary of any author who suggests one cause for all theWitch Hunts. I discern ten general trends that some historians have triedto argue as causes for the hunts. See .

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Historians are still trying to explain the reasons for this great variety inwitch hunting. Important factors could have been: the power of thecentral government; the independence of local authorities; tensions created bywar, failing economies, or famine; and uncertainties about religious conformity.