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Shapiro -- The Holocaust and the encyclopedic imagination-see under: Grossman / Naomi B.

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By the time Europe entered the modern era, its major in-group out-group distinctions had crystalised into the concepts of Religion/Ideology, Nation, and Race.

A more philosophical debate is whether or not The Holocaust was "a product of modernity".

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This new and most modern of Sciences, which was studied at all good and most of the best universities in the world, was invented by the Briton named Francis Galton, who was the cousin of Charles Darwin and the person who introduced the earliest concepts for proper IQ testing.

Many of the negative reviews of the movie sharply reprimanded hitBenigni'hits semi-comedic treatment of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust became prominent in the immediate aftermath of the war, but slowly faded in the wake of tensions of and regained widespread attention in the 1970s-80s.

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Hiwis were vitally important team members for the Holocaust's perpetrators - not so much for the drive and sense of purpose which they brought to the job (which were lacking) as the fact that they could be punished or executed for refusing to obey orders.

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The more than 200,000 'Hiwis' (short for 'Hilfswilliger' or 'voluntary helpers') utilised in The Holocaust were 'recruited' from the 3 million Soviet POW that the German Army left in open-air camps without shelter, clothing, or food between June 1941 and March 1942 (of whom 2 million died).


More seriously, Life Is Beautiful is party to a dangerous authoritarianism in that it, like many other Holocaust films, is willing to combine "detachment and brutality, distance and cruelty, pleasure and indifference." [Historical Abstracts]

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Benigni is convinced of the redemptive power of laughter, and he sought a subject that would allow him to put a comic in an "extreme situation." Benigni was not exploiting the Holocaust.

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It has been nominated for seven major Academy Awards, including Best Actor, Best Director, Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay.' Directed by Roberto Benigni, Life is Beautiful focuses on the struggles of an Italian family during the Holocaust." [Expanded Academic Index]

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Benigni's decision to move from representing war to representing the Holocaust changed the film's potential significantly in some critics' views, in such a way as to lose authority and authenticity." [Expanded Academic Index]