18/12/2009 · Monarchy vs Democracy

It always has been and always will be whether it is a monarchy or a democracy.

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Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) in his study of representative democracy believed that the tyranny of misguided public opinion or what is popular or the fad of the times could prove more oppressive and dangerous or more hurtful and misleading than the tyranny of the worst and most debased monarch.

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Joanne Leyland on February 7, 2007 declared, "Not only is constitutional monarchy unrivalled for providing a stable and effective democratic constitutional system, it often provides substantial financial benefits.

He wrote that, “Every government hath something wherein it is best; monarchy is honourable and glorious-like before men; aristocracy, for counsel, is surest; democracy for liberty, and possibly for riches and gain, is best.” (Assert.