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Any opponent attempting to strike or otherwise directly attack the warded creature, even with a targeted spell, must attempt a Will save. If the save succeeds, the opponent can attack normally and is unaffected by that casting of the spell. If the save fails, the opponent can’t follow through with the attack, that part of its action is lost, and it can’t directly attack the warded creature for the duration of the spell. Those not attempting to attack the subject remain unaffected. This spell does not prevent the warded creature from being attacked or affected by area or effect spells. The subject cannot attack without breaking the spell but may use nonattack spells or otherwise act.

In Undertale, it's shown that if a monster absorbs a human SOUL, they become a being with incredible power, see Asriel's forms

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Essentially, Shelley seems to be saying that we (society) get the monsters we deserve. By neglecting and shunning people with socially unacceptable appearances or behaviors, we create mass murderers. (Hm, sounds surprisingly like an If we accept the monster's word—that he was born good and made evil—then one of the book's major moral points is that we as a society have a responsibility to reach out to our outcast members.

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Still, there is a concern that the stank of uncool motherhood will befoul the beautifully tormented artist. It is, I think, this same stank that women’s magazines would like to occasionally excise from my work. In the novel Dept. of Speculation, which seems to be an , Jenny Offill’s protagonist and narrator writes: “My plan was to never get married. I was going to be an art monster instead. Women almost never become art monsters because art monsters only concern themselves with art, never mundane things. Nabokov didn’t even fold his own umbrella. Vera licked his stamps for him.”

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I agree. It’s just different. And it’s different for every parent. But I will say that nannies do care greatly about the kids they work with. I worked for years as a nanny and know many people who have made their careers as caregivers, nannies and preschool teachers. Sure, there are some caregivers who are better than others. There are those who don’t care as much. But, in my experience, there are actually tons of benefits to having different adults in their lives. It’s healthy for kids to have lots of caring adults in their lives who all approach life a little differently. As a nanny, I have loved and cared for every child that has come into my care. No, I may not slice the apple in the same way, but I feel compelled to give the child my complete attention (aka, no iPhone!) and listen to everything they say because a) I am getting paid b) I have the responsibility for a child who is not mine and c) I am genuinely interested in what the child has to say (benefit of not being his or her primary caregiver). So, yeah. On my watch, their Leprechaun Spit does get thoroughly examined.

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There have been a series of articles of late that argue that there is an inherent conflict between motherhood and artistic work. There was Lauren Sandler’s piece, The thesis of the piece is in the title, and I read it on my phone as I nursed my second baby, worried that I was doomed, that I had lost my voice to the sea witch, that I would never be a thinking, writing, intellectual being again but would become nothing more than an enlarged mammary gland needing to be periodically drained. Was she right? Was it impossible to balance the demands of an artistic career with the demands of multiple children?

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You blast an area with a tremendous cacophony. Every creature in the area takes 1d8 points of sonic damage and must succeed on a Fortitude save to avoid being for 1 round.