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The Influence Of Music And Music Videos

This new music was heard on their radios, on television and danced to at parties. Themusic was easy to dance to, a feature that appealed to a younger generation. It allowedthem to get the energy out of their system and show their athletic prowess. Fast danceswere a variation of the Lindy or Jitterbug. Slow ballads were included because a fairnumber of male teens didn't have the guts or coordination to dance fast.

Music’s Influence on Teens: A Guide for Parents

White teens were drawn to black musical styles by white performers like ,etc. Rural white teens choose Poor blackteenagers, who grew up in urban areas, made part of theirlives because it was already part of the culture. It was a participatory activity for manyand the idols were neighborhood residents rather than national heroes.

Teens began to get their own radios or used the television for entertainment. and radio stations, spurned on by this growingaudience, were able to attract advertisers and the clout of the radio stations and deejaysplaying rhythm and blues grew. They began playing to listener's tastes and the moreconservative stations began changing formats. Juke box operators and record storeoperators exerted their own influences. Teen choices of new music began influencingsociety. A "generation gap" was formed as teen dress, beliefs, pastimes, socialmores, speech patterns differed from their parent's generation. coined the term "rock and roll" in 1952 and it caught on a givingteens a focus and making the music more acceptable. White teens with more money became thefocus of marketing strategies.

White and black teens were now opting for more interesting music played by"cool" black cats. So many white teens were drawn to the music that"cats" soon meant white kids who liked black music. Leiber and Stoller, probablythe most important songwriting team of the 50s rock and roll era were cats. Both had grownup with and around blacks, which allowed them an understanding of black perspectives thatfew others had.