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Jay-Z who popularised the all-seeing eye symbol in the music industry

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Great article!
It was like reading a well informed wikipedia page, exposing the fashion music industry in the same time. I’m looking forward the 2nd part of it.

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Learning and uncovering how we are being manipulated through this type of music industry to accept more and more this type of symbols as a normal way of being, realizing how far things have come to see on awards dark ceremonies being performed we can ‘wake-up’ to some of it and if we’re interested learn more to free ourselves from these influences.

Surely it’s time some of US wrote meaningful and uplifting lyrics to entertain and educate instead of all the
examples you’ve provided. We are a free race, despite whatever “they” claim and we need to exercise our talent in more positive ways.
Because the media, definitely including the music industry and Hollywood, are pushing so hard for their NWO agendas, we need to collectively move forward and demonstrate our need to oppose those agendas and to share all the good that we are and can be, whatever anyone thinks.
Sheeple need herding in the positive direction as our world IS going to get better, and soon.
We are ALL W U N.

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There are many other ways that esoteric symbols from the dark side are used in the music industry; from celebrities making their hands into the shape of devil horns, to the frequent usage of the “Okay” sign, often covering one eye and having 3 hidden sixes concealed in it.

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More than 400 innovative self-released and indie label projects culled from thousands of submissions worldwide, were nominated by fans and industry panelists in 96 Album, Song, EP, Music Producer, Music Video and Design categories.

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PaulJessop, Chief Technology Officer of the IFPI, said "If this is done properly, the artists and authors of music will be paid adequately for the sale of their works online." Gavin Robertson, general manager of , said "The industry is really in need of interoperable identification tags, and this technology appears to really fill a gap."

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Does the increasing use of the all-seeing eye in the music industry reflect an increasing control that the elite members of society – often involved in secret meetings like the Bilderberg group and occult gatherings at Bohemian Grove and colloquially referred to as the “Illuminati” – have over performers?

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Wow thanks Dave for the info, it really does seem that there is a real influence within the music industry to have people sub consciously, or even consciously, excepting and following the Illuminati.
One thing that did stand out was how they do make it humorous and joke about people bringing up these topics to make people feel like there silly to even bring anything up of this nature.
With the information you have presented and some of the lyrics in there songs it is plain fully obvious that there is a influence of some sorts within the music industry

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To get a better understanding of the way symbols are being misused and abused in the music industry let’s take a quick look at the meanings – both positive and negative – of a number of the most common esoteric symbols on display.