A voice of one crying out in the desert:

* [–] These verses narrate the call of the first Disciples. See notes on – and .
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The Beginning of the Galilean Ministry. After John had been arrested, Jesus came to Galilee proclaiming the gospel of God: “This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel.”

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* [] : for the various forms of skin disease, see – and the note on –. There are only two instances in the Old Testament in which God is shown to have cured a leper (–; –). The law of Moses provided for the ritual purification of a leper. In curing the leper, Jesus assumes that the priests will reinstate the cured man into the religious community. See also note on .

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* [] : the “good news” of salvation in and through Jesus, crucified and risen, acknowledged by the Christian community as Messiah (; –) and Son of God (; ; ), although some important manuscripts here omit .

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* [–] : indicating divine intervention in fulfillment of promise. Here the descent of the Spirit on Jesus is meant, anointing him for his ministry; cf. ; ; ; . : God’s acknowledgment of Jesus as his unique Son, the object of his love. His approval of Jesus is the assurance that Jesus will fulfill his messianic mission of salvation.

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* [–] The same Spirit who descended on Jesus in his baptism now drives him into the desert for forty days. The result is radical confrontation and temptation by Satan who attempts to frustrate the work of God. The presence of wild beasts may indicate the horror and danger of the desert regarded as the abode of demons or may reflect the paradise motif of harmony among all creatures; cf. –. The presence of ministering angels to sustain Jesus recalls the angel who guided the Israelites in the desert in the first Exodus (; ) and the angel who supplied nourishment to Elijah in the wilderness (–). The combined forces of good and evil were present to Jesus in the desert. His sustained obedience brings forth the new Israel of God there where Israel’s rebellion had brought death and alienation.

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* [–] The account of a single day’s ministry of Jesus on a sabbath in and outside the synagogue of Capernaum (–) combines teaching and miracles of exorcism and healing. Mention is not made of the content of the teaching but of the effect of astonishment and alarm on the people. Jesus’ teaching with authority, making an absolute claim on the hearer, was in the best tradition of the ancient prophets, not of the scribes. The narrative continues with events that evening (–; see notes on –) and the next day (–). The cleansing in – stands as an isolated story.

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* [] : so called because of the spirit’s resistance to the holiness of God. The spirit knows and fears the power of Jesus to destroy his influence; cf. , ; ; .