A Young Doctors Journey with Breast Cancer

Today was my first day of a new chemotherapy drug for me – Taxol
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Heartbreaking photograph of distraught grandfather …

I hate him! Over the summer i asked out this guy and he said yes. We were such a cute couple! We were always together never apart. We went rollerskating, movies, dinner with both family! He was the first person i talked to and the last everyday. He told me he loved me everyday! Well my grandfather who i loved so much had a heart attack! So i had to go to florida for a while! After one day my phone was ringing all the time! It was my friends telling me how my boyfriend had a new girlfriend! But what really got me was when he sent me a txt saying hope ur grandfathers ok i cant stop thinking abt u ily! So i thought my friends were lying... So they sent me a pic n vid of him n his new gf making out! Ughh! So i got my phone told him we were over i got a number and burned all of our pics and memories!

I was really close to my grandfather, and ever since he passed away from cancer, my life changed mentally and physically
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Lung cancer: 'If only I’d seen my doctor sooner' - …

“I remember when the nurse told me I had cancer,” says Charlotte, now 23, who lives in Kent with her boyfriend. “I knew what it was because my grandfather had died of cancer, and I knew about leukaemia because I loved Gary Lineker and I knew his son had had it. I was shocked but I didn’t cry.”

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Well i met him one day when i was crossing the street and he pulled up at the junction and asked me if i was seeing someone and then he gave me his card .It did not even matter to me that he drove a posh car or that he was wearing a really expensive suit. I wasn't even going to call him though i felt flattered. A part of me wondered if he only stopped the car because of my schoolgirl outfit that i was wearing. Ive never been the kind of girl who boys like and i dont think I'm pretty in any way. I did text him and we said we'd meet up. He told me he was 38 and I'm 22 but most people tell me i look 18 max. I admit that i have somewhat of a daddy complex and because of my own difficult relationship with my father and issues with my grandfather who has touched me since i was a kid , Ive always been very submissive towards men and Ive always been interested in older men. We started texting each other alot and he always said things that were seemingly affectionate. He'd text me in the morning every morning saying 'is baby still asleep?' and needless to say i was smitten because I'm rather affection starved. He started treating me like i was his 'little girl' from the things he'd say to me and the pet names he called me like 'my little vixen', 'my kitten' and 'my naughty little minx' and i started needing him and because he had a busy schedule we could not meet up until a week later. When i met him i was really shy and i wasn't fussy about where to go because i just wanted to be with him and spend time with him but i was a bit hurt because it was as if he did not want to be seen with me. He told me to get into his car and we just drove to a deserted road and he tried kissing me but i didn't like it because he was too rough..:'( and i just..i dont want to sound stupid or naive but Ive always been the romantic sort and it seemed to me that he just wanted to be brutal ..and so we did not do anything and we started talking instead. We actually did have a very good conversation about religion and stuff like that and i told him about how oppressive my traditional family was and he seemed to understand. He even drove me home and kissed me and told me i was a really nice and sweet girl and even texted me after that saying that he was so impressed with me but the next few days he completely ignored me and stopped texting me or talking to me on yahoo. I texted him and asked him what the matter was and he blatantly told me that i seem really young and that he had never been interested in younger girls and therefore he couldnt see me anymore. I was so enraged that i said fine and left it at that but the next day he texted me telling me how much he wanted me and because i was so f...... lonely and desperate :( i replied and we started talking again. He repeated the same carppy thing several times telling me im too young for him one minute and then claiming he needed me another minute and i came to accept that hes just conflicted and i know im not pretty so i was pretty much satisfied with having him around even though he treated me like carp all the time. Furthermore he recently told me that he has a girlfriend his age and two kids as well. I just felt like such a where because i always end up having feelings for men who have girlfriends.I dont know whats wrong with me and why i cant ever be the girl that someone wants to take out or kiss goodnight or fall in love with. I know im wierd and yes im nerdy but at least im nice i guess. Hes gone to Thailand now and though i told myself to forget him because i know deep inside that hes just using me..i find myself wanting to call him whenever i feel lonely..:'( I dont want to sound pathatic but its just nice to be held and to have someone listen to your problems and to have someone hold your hand or tell you youre cute without you having to ask or having to take your clothes off and thats why im finding it so hard to forget him. I hate that son of a b.... i really really do because he used my vulnerability and i know its wrong but i hate his girlfriend because shes got him and i know hes really mean but i wouldnt mind him yelling at me as long as he was sweet sometimes or he texted me every morning like he used to..I just want that. Is that too much to ask for? I hate you so much for treating me like a marionette and using me. You say your girlfriend is really cruel to you and yet you stay with her..i know shes probably more beautiful than i would ever be but i would be nice to you and id do anything you wanted me to..i want you to want me and i hate myself for it because you make me feel so ugly and worthless. I already think i dont deserve to be treated nicely in any relationship or pampered or spoilt and i know that i have issues but you've made me feel like id be willing to have you hit me and yell at me everyday..in exchange for a few sweet words. I hate you because you make me feel so stupid because i have no pride when it comes to you..you told me i should thank god you even looked at me and that im not cute and that i should feel blessed for every minute you waste on me but i cant even find the courage to tell you off and i find myself texting you...i hate you..why the hill did you ask me out if i was not good enough for you..why..you should have just left me to rot..i hate you

Michael Douglas: oral sex caused my throat cancer - …
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