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I also have 4 new factory wheels and tires for this vehicle as well as new lug nuts which have never been mounted. The miles that I have logged to this vehicle have been primarily out of town sales calls at highway speeds. Speaking of mileage, I also have a log of all miles traveled on the car as well. The car has been garaged since new, never in snow, seldom in the rain, and always pampered. It’s now someone else’s turn to continue the journey.

My car was safely transported over 3,000 miles from New Jersey to California in 4 days!

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In our first Saturday Morning run at the ECTA Maxton June event, our hot rod 2 liter TR7 ran 119.894 mph on the ECTA’s one mile course. The new full race Tr7 engine bested our previous best of 111.715mph by over 8mph. I short shifted the engine and was easy on the throttle through the gears… hopes were high that we could tune the car into the high 120′s. We made a quick driver change and put Tony Chiles behind the wheel. Amazingly, the car slowed to 105mph. Tony diagnosed an engine bearing failure and our weekend focus turned to our “J” Gas Crosley Pickup.

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I recently took delivery on my new “Company Car.” My day job as a marketing executive takes me on frequent out of town road trips to visit clients and my old ride, a 1996 Chevy Impala SS was getting a bit ragged at 125,000 miles. I sold the car privately in June and started hunting for a new company vehicle.

After looking around for 3 months I was able to roll 3 separate discount offers into the same deal and place an order for a 2011 Camaro. In a sincere effort to purchase the most performance with limited funds, I ordered a base 1SS Victory Red Camaro with the 426hp V8 engine and 6-speed manual gearbox. To keep the sticker price as low as possible I opted for only 2 options.

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