Each agent of socialization is linked to another....

 The main place where I have received my political socialization from is from my family.

These four groups are known as agents of socialization.

Major social and historical events can be a force in socializing an entiregeneration. Such major events as the Great Depression of the 1930s, theHolocaust in Europe during World War II, or the civil rights movement that tookshape in the in the 1960s have profound implications for individual socialization. Elder(1974) compared children whose families were very poor during the 1930s withothers whose families were more comfortable. Those suffering greaterdeprivation depended less on formal education for their life achievements andmore on effort and accomplishment outside of education. Their health as adultstended to be affected negatively by their economic hardships. Finally, theytended to value marriage and family more highly as a result of their economicdeprivation (Elder, 1974). Thus individuals who live in extraordinary timesappear to be influenced by the historical events around them.

Anything that affects a person’s values or beliefs is called an agent of political socialization.

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“Internalized control is the process by which an individual controls their own behavior through conformity to norms or standards”(MIBBA Creative Writing).

The main place where I have received my political socialization from is from my family....

Nevertheless, the fact is that mass media does help in building ideologies and beliefs of people and making them so strong and deep-rooted that they stay with them throughout their lifetime.

The agents of socialization, thus have a very profound effect on our personal and conceptual development.

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The primary factor in the psychological context of socialization is thepsychological state of the person being socialized. Psychological statesinclude feelings such as fear, anger, grief, love, and happiness or a sense ofemotional deprivation. Strongly feeling one or more of these emotions mightvery well inhibit or promote socialization of a particular kind. Fear may makeit difficult for young children to be socialized in school, whereas people inlove may leant very quickly what makes their loved ones happy. Emotions canalso influence how individuals perceive the content of socialization, whetherin becoming a member of a family group or a religious sect. Knowing somethingabout the feelings of the people involved (the psychological context) helpsexplain the results of the socialization process.

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There are three main canonical theories of conformity:socialization, social identity and rational choice. Since allthese theories make testable statements about conforming behavior, theyshould be evaluated in light of a large body of experimental evidenceon whether and how normative beliefs affect behavior. Suchevidence, however, shows that all three theories are deficient; theirdefinitions of what is a norm are too rigid and limited to account forthe rich landscape of norm-induced behavior. Alternative viewstake a different approach, considering norms as clusters ofself-fulfilling expectations (Schelling 1966). Such expectationsresult in behavior that reinforces them, but a crucial element insustaining the norm is the presence of conditional preferences forconformity. Only the joint presence of a conditional preferencefor conformity and the belief that other people will conform willproduce an agreement between normative beliefs and behavior (Bicchieri2006)

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The results indicated significant gender differences on the following hypotheses: H1: Female and male political leaders will differ in their uses of interpersonal power; H2: Female and male political leaders will identify different motivations in seeking public office; and, H3: Female and male political leaders will differ in their perception of barriers to participation as political candidates....

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Therefore, the power of religion as a socializing agent should be understood well, and any sort of misinterpretations need to be avoided.

Government or state is an indirect agent of socialization.