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My Special Someone by April - Love Letters

Birthdays are special not just for the celebrant but for friends, family and other colleagues as well. It is the day when everyone can express appreciation and love for the birthday celebrant in different ways. Birthday celebrations may involve a low-key breakfast with the family or an elaborate party for a few dozen people. In most cases, well-wishers express their good wishes through birthday messages especially crafted for the occasion. These messages may be delivered by email or through social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Messages may also accompany birthday presents, but whatever your mode of delivery, make sure to personalize your greetings for a more heartfelt impact. Here are a few heartfelt birthday wishes for someone special in your life to inspire your quest for the perfect message.

Love Letters - My Special Someone by April
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I believe my uncle is my special someone

When someone days “special person” all they think about is falling in love, and getting married. I believe there is a special someone for everyone and it dosen’t have to be just a spouse. I believe my uncle is my special someone. My relationship with my uncle gives me confidence. He shares his wisdom with me. He makes me feel like there is someone out there that cares about me. Sometimes just thinking about him makes me smile.

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There was a time in life where I thought I was never going to find that right person. The person with whom I can be myself and feel safe with. I always felt alone with no one to share my thoughts and no one to talk to. I would go through hard and good times all alone. Until one day i realized it didn’t have to be the guy I was going to fall in love with and have a relationship with that would make me feel connected. I believe my uncle is my special someone. Having him so far away is hard. Distance may pull us physically away, but will never pull me away from his trust.

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