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18/10/2008 · I need to know the characteristics of some mythological heroes.

Mythological Heroes Arena Round 1: Achilles vs. Arjuna

After the hero prevails, the final showdown with the villain, either real or psychological, can begin. Psychologist Carl Jung, a mentor of sorts to Campbell, called this antagonist the Shadow archetype. Darth Vader's black cloak and helmet, or his estranged conflict with his son certainly fit that description.

Mythological Heroes Arena Round 1: Achilles vs

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Campbell defined the Hero Cycle, a course of events that occurs as a rite of initiation in every myth, pinpointing the need for mentors, villains, elixirs and jesters along the way. Each step can be traced in the adventures of Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker.

The most obvious is the massive exposure and instantaneous cult of devotion that surrounds The Phantom Menace. Lucas is the first mass media mythologist, which causes some academics to question placing him among the elite creators of legends. Ancient myths thrived on the power of their stories alone, not mass communication"There is the test-of-time thing to consider," Feder said. "A lot of people would hesitate to put the label of 'myth' on something relatively new like Star Wars. But, a myth is a myth, no matter what trappings we put on it. Give them light sabers instead of swords and it doesn't matter."