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Mozart at Salzburg Festival - Arthaus Musik: 107521 | …
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appear almost manic from the camera’s overly intimate perspective

They supply inimitable portraits, however, all the more so for coming at a time when operatic acting on the world’s best-known stages was less a matter of character than mastering 10 all-purpose gestures.

women en travesti, the young ..
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What Mozart Really Looked Like: 14 Portraits of the Composer ..

With two women playing the roles of men, and the director keen to play up the sexual relationships involved, there is a lot of female on female intimate caressing and petting.

14 Portraits of the Composer (Photos & Music)
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Of the two women , the young Elina Garan?a looks like a young male and distinctly more masculine than Vesselina Kasarova whose hairstyle is unmistakably feminine.

Richard Zegers | Professional Profile
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