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Holy moly look at all this love you created!! I hope you feel it all. You are brilliant :-).

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Ah, this being human thing is so very hard. I’m still waiting for the day that I figure things out, that I feel grown up, that I know myself. And the message I keep hearing is that it never really happens. Humanity has survived for so long by adapting and embracing change. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, as well as your recipes. I make the Winning Hearts and Minds cake whenever I need to show love, and your macaroon recipe at the slightest provocation. Light and love.

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Thank you for this wonderful statement about the emotional messiness that underlies the simplified structures by which we are “supposed” to live. Kudos for your determination to make a better match between the inside and the outside, the lived realities and social forms.
My niece put me on to your website last year and I’ve been making the applesauce cake from the Nov. 6, 2015 post ever since. Its easy and always a huge success. I note that you don’t seem to have male readers. Count me in from now on!

Hi, Molly! I’m a huge fan of your writing and love that you are drawn to write about what’s real. I think that’s what we’re supposed to do as writers. It helps others make sense of their own journeys and feel less alone. Thank you for your honesty and bravery.

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You are an amazing person, for many reasons of course, but being willing to make such a major change, and for being willing to share this with all of us is what I find most amazing now. I think all of us have ways we could change to make our lives happier and be more true to ourselves. You listened to yourself which is one of the hardest things to do. Kudos to you – wishing you happiness with this turn in the road.

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Molly, your post is so beautifully written and so brave. I inhaled Delancey and loved your transparency–that creating a marriage, business, and child can be both magical and hard work. Your words, profound, painful and alive are an ongoing treasure in my life. Thank you for your courage. Please don’t ever stop writing.

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I’ve been thinking of this post over the past few weeks since I read it. I feel your search, your loss and the utter miracle it is to be knocked off your feet sometimes by life. It is brave to share these things, so I thank you for trusting us to catch you, for allowing us all to recognize how vulnerability brings us closer, makes us stronger. Much love to you from the East Coast-because love always prevails!

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Over the last I don’t know how long, while listening to spilled milk, I’ve heard what I thought were hints that you might be attracted to women (most recently, your interest in galadriel :)) . I figured I must be imagining things. I wasn’t surprised when I read this post and I am so happy for you despite the pain this change means. I hope you’ll share this experience with us and write with your usual candor, depth and wit.

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As we see Constantine piously reading to the Ecumenical Council at Nicaea the new Creed (the ) formulated there, his men are off, in the best tradition of the Corleones, murdering Licinius (as they later would Licinius' young son, Constantine's own nephew).