California's state-sanctioned genocide of Native …

Over 150,000 Native Americans lived sustainably in California prior to the gold rush

Native American Genocide by Nick Noice on Prezi

Ranging from when Columbus first discovered America, years 1493 to 1948.
Started on the east coast, and moving West.
Who was involved ?
All groups of Native Americans were the victims of the genocide.
Mainly all the killing was done by the Settlers who moved from Europe.

Part V will explore the implications of these acts of genocide on Native Americans today and the appropriate method of reparation.

Native American Genocide: The Cause

No longer can we remain indifferent and justify these acts of genocide committed by the United States government, its agencies, and its personnel against Native Americans as a result of colonization or the need to establish a prosperous union. Instead, the United States government, its agencies, and those involved with carrying out the measures designed to inflict genocidal acts against the Native American population must be held in violation of customary international law, as well as conventional international law, as proscribed in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention).

But today we worktoward a better America, a more Indian America where people and nature onceagain are important.

All imported by the Europeans colonists.
Personal Account of Red Cloud and Grandpa Dewy-Beard
"The Ghost Dance"
How Is This Genocide Related to the Holocaust?
Scalping- the initial purpose of scalping is to provide a trophy of battle or portable proof of a combatant's prowess in war.
The Series "Little House on the Prairie" talks about westward expansion, and takes on the settlers view of what was going on at that time with Native Americans.
In the Native American genocide, Americans had killed somewhere between 10-114 million people killed.

In the Holocaust 11-17 million people had been murdered.

The Holocaust had also gotten through all 8 stages of genocide just like the Native American genocide

Part IV will analyze how the United States government, its agencies, and its personnel committed acts of genocide against Native Americans.

Timeline - Native American Genocide

*As a Native American and being of twenty-five percent Native American blood, the stories of my ancestors inspired me to research the atrocities committed by the United States Government, its agencies, and its personnel against western Native Americans.