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If you want to know how to setup a home network for WiFi access, consider these settings:

Understanding Routers, Switches, and Network Hardware

Router -A device that routes information between interconnected networks. It can select the best path to route a message, as well as translate information from one network to another. Many routers now contain firewalls. Home routers can contain firewall, router, switching (for cabled connections), and a wireless access point.

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Firewalls are either hardware or software, depending on their intended use. A firewall used to protect a network is a hardware device that should be installed in the network between the router and the network. Almost all hardware firewalls will have at least two ports, labeled "Trusted" and "Untrusted". These terms imply the true nature of the firewall's responsibility to the private network. The public network is connected to the untrusted network port, and the private network is connected to the trusted port.

What you need to do to cut down the chatter is either increase the total shareable bandwidth by switching to Fast Ethernet (which won't actually help all that much if you've got 90 computers talking at once; the network will probably still be painfully slow), or chop the network up into smaller segments, with traffic only escaping a segment when it's actually addressed to a computer on the outside. Dividing your LAN up like this is called "internetworking", and allows big networks to be both faster and physically larger, as it overcomes the maximum cable run problems.

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Firewall - A security device which inspects traffic entering and leaving a network, and allows or disallows the traffic, depending on rules describing acceptable use of the network, by filtering out unwanted packets. The firewall is usually positioned as the gateway device to another network, such as the internet. Many routers now contain firewalls. A personal firewall is usually software that runs on a workstation or server to filter unwanted traffic at the individual machine.

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Once upon a time, you could point to a gadget that hooked network segments together and say, with confidence, what it was. Well, so I’m told, anyway. Today, there are all sorts of devices designed to move data from one network to another, with all kinds of fancy features, and their names are a highly unreliable guide to what sort of device they actually are. The three basic categories of network-joining device are switches, bridges and routers, but those definitions blur into each other so much that defining them separately is impossible. The words mean different things to different companies. You just have to look at the specification sheets and decide whether a given device is what you need. Here’s how to tell.

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Routers are the traffic directors of the global internet. All routers maintain complex routing tables which allow them to determine appropriate paths for packets destined for any address. Routers communicate with each other, and forward network packets out of or into a network. Here's an example:

between the two networks that is set up on the routers.

Like a bridge, a switch connects networks and filters packets, only sending on packets to a given network segment if they’re addressed to a device on that segment. Also like a bridge, your basic switch operates at 2 – it cannot change the data it’s sending, to route information from one network flavour to another. Everything connected to a Layer 2 switch has to be configured as if it were on the one network – like a bridge, these switches can only connect network segments that could be connected anyway, as far as the computer settings go. Each port on a switch can support a whole LAN or a single station. If only one station is connected to a switch port, it is said to have a "dedicated LAN".

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They can filter messages or keep users out of private networks. Most routers have a Firewall built in. This is a software function that keeps unwanted messages from reaching the computers on the inside, or private part, of the network.