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In September 2017, Jenifer Crawford offered a “speed-geeking” contemplation Integrity in Mediation
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Analysis draws on data from three pairs of separated or separating parents attempting to resolve child contact or residency disputes through mediation.

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Parenting coordinators, domestic abuse, mediation-arbitration,supervised visitation, custody evaluation, and child protection and dependencymediation..."Hardlylooks like the AFCC did much but initiate the explosion of therapeuticjurisprudence that preceded...

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Then, while the parents were in custody mediation at the family court, the mother raised – for the first time ever – that the daughter told her that the father sexually touched her while she was sleeping. The court counselor reported this to Child Protective Services and the court changed custody immediately to the mother while an investigation could proceed. A separate psychologist was appointed to perform a Psychological Evaluation, which proceeded over the next six months. An attorney for the children was also appointed, to represent their interests.

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Some states, for example, require mediators to disclose certain information, like the occurrence of child abuse or domestic violence.34 Additionally, this Model Rule, similar to the recently completed Restatement Third of the Law Governing Lawyers (2000) (sections 66 and 67), permits disclosure of information to prevent death, serious bodily harm or substantial financial loss.35 See Comment [10] below.

[7] In addition to advising the parties about the scope of confidentiality protections under law and applicable agreement, section (a)(1) also requires the neutral to discuss and obtain party consent regarding the nature of ex parte communications, if any, contemplated by the process.

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On the surface, this letter would raise great concerns for the safety of the child. However, the context is very important. A six-month evaluation had just occurred, including contacts with this therapist by the Evaluating Psychologist. In addition, Child Protective Services had done a forensic videotaped interview with the children immediately after the first allegation was made, and had determined that the allegations were “unfounded.” Also, the attorney for the children had asked the child (with the evaluating psychologist’s permission) if the father had touched her in various settings, and the child said yes to all of them he said her mother had told him this occurred (even when she had not). The visitation supervisor observed her playing joyfully with her father, until she thought she was being observed; then she acted fearful around him.