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The terrorists also asked for various Communist associated doctors including Dr.

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Also the women among the terrorists were apparently more vicious than the men.

— A different atmosphere prevailed in Managua after this event, every diplomatic function was guarded by military forces, and people were reluctant to give parties.

— Somoza says, ”After the terrorists demonstrated to the world that their connection was Cuba, I thought, now the United States will believe me and now the United States will act.

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Charging that the Nicaraguan government was receiving weapons from the communist bloc and was using those arms to aid revolutions elsewhere in Central America, the Reagan administration even resorted to mining Nicaragua’s harbors. Infuriated by these acts, the Nicaraguan government appeared before the World Court and asked that orders be issued to the United States to cease the hostile activity and pay reparations for the damage.

I wanted to find the source of such malignity and I did.

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Due to this, Liberal and Leftist members of the U.S.

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The Leftist priests in Nicaragua, seeing they couldn’t destroy me and my government in Nicaragua, decided that they should take their battle to Washington.” ..