'Of Mice and Men' is written by John Steinbeck, published in 1937.

The novel by John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, is set in the times of the Great Depression.

Evaluation of the health risks for man and effects on the environment

Defined as the interdependence of organisms, symbiosis is the basis of the relationship between George and Lennie in “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.

This is also what George and Lennie feel like in the novel Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck....


FASEB (1974) Evaluation of the health aspects of certain ammonium salts as food ingredients, Springfield, Virginia, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 21 pp (Prepared for the US Food and Drug Administration under Contract No.

At the time John Steinbeck introduced the book ‘Of Mice and Men’, money was a really big issue.

The novel, "Of Mice and Men", is a story of two migrant farm workers, one mentally retarded, Lennie, and the other, George, is incredibly sensible, who also assumes the role guardian.

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Steinbeck demonstrates the significance of dreams in Of Mice and Men as the essential foundation of motivation and purpose; the plans of hopeful conviction despite misery and destitution clarify the fundamental difference between ma...

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John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men details the lives of several such men and shows that the principle quest of so many was not money or things that money can buy....

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The main objective of the IPCS is to carry out and disseminate evaluations of the effects of chemicals on human health and the quality of the environment.

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Dose-dependent ultrastructural changes in the terminal airways of mice exposed for 3 - 60 min to ammonia (concentration unspecified) included oedema of the alveolar epithelium, development of intracapillary platelet thrombosis, increased secretions by the Clara cells, presumed to be phospholipids, and an increase in the number of empty lamellar bodies in the large alveolar cells (Niden, 1968).

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One of the themes of Of Mice and Men is that men fear loneliness, that they need someone to be with and to talk to who will offer understanding and companionship....

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Development of lung tumours was observed in CFLP mice treated intra-gastrically with diethyl pyrocarbonate and ammonia, neither of which induces cancer independently in animals.

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Life-long ingestion of ammonium hydroxide in the drinking-water by Swiss and C3H mice did not produce any carcinogenic effects, and had no effect on the spontaneous development of adenocarcinoma of the breast in C3H females, a characteristic of this strain (Toth, 1972).