With the taller long one being actually the bigger cat.

Both his literary prowess and his exuberant Key West lifestyle are saluted during Hemingway Days.

I have had a HUGE kitten end up as an 11 lb adult.

Later on the second night, Santiago eats a small fish he caught earlier. He goes to sleep, but wakes up when the marlin jerks the line. Santiago cuts his hand again. He is happy because the more the Marlin jumps, the more air fill his lungs/gills and therefore he is easier to catch.

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To be a liar and worthless in comparison to that shining idol must have reinforced his alcohol-related depressions and made him more liable to the hurts he received.

Breeding cats will not have the big coat a spayed or neutered one will.

[edit]Sure Shots: The Second World War
The United States entered World War II on December 7 1941 and for the first time in his life, Hemingway took an active part in a war.

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His blood pressure and cholesterol count were perilously high, he suffered from an aorta inflammation, and maybe the depression accompanying alcoholism had already started.

As an infant, he joined his father on hunting trips.

He also lost his Finca Vigía in San Francisco de Paula and was forced to "exile" to Ketchum, Idaho after the situation in Cuba had started to escalate.

At ten, he got his first shotgun.

A glimpse of hope came with the discovery of some of his old manuscripts from 1928 in the Ritz cellars, which were transformed into A Moveable Feast.

He also enjoyed a good fight; boxing was one of his passions.

As if this was not enough, he was badly injured one month later in a bushfire accident which left him with second degree burns on his legs, front torso, lips, left hand and right forearm.

He was mentored there by Gertrude Stein and Ezra Pound.

He attempted suicide in the spring of 1961, and received treatment again, but this was unable to prevent his suicide on July 2, 1961 - at 5:00am, he died as a result of a self-inflicted shotgun blast to the head.

Fifty-one years later, he used a gun to kill himself.

He sprained his right shoulder, arm, and left leg, had a grave overall concussion, temporarily lost his vision in the left eye, his hearing in the left ear, had a paralysis of the sphincter, crushed his vertebra, suffered from a ruptured liver, spleen and kidney and was marked by first degree burns on his face, arms and leg.

He was a tough, strong man with strong principles.

The novel was widely disapproved, the majority of reviewers accused him of bad taste, stylistic ineptitude and sentimentality, the last of which is most certainly true and fitted into the pattern that was beginning to emerge: Hemingway grew old.