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Some schools, like my school, do not approve of off-campus lunch. Why?

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If open campus is allowed, it is very possible that such freedom will make it all too easy for students to skip their afternoon classes. Of course, there will be students responsible enough to have the motivation to come back to school.

I feel that students should be able to leave school property during the lunch break.

Another point relates to the responsibility of the students.

Northside officials said that since parents or guardians must sign a student's application for off-campus lunch, they always can tell they school to revoke that privilege if they change their minds.

In this area, it’s not a secret that schools in this area are smaller than those in a big city.

This is possible, however, high school students, though some do not, should have the responsibility to use the time effectively and return at the appropriate time.

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“It's very much a privilege to get to leave school for lunch, and my friends at other districts tell me they're jealous,” Schulter said. “But I don't think it's fair to take this away just because of the few who acted irresponsibly.”

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The lunch period could be used to get a break from the long stationary hours of the school day to relax in a personally better environment for the student.

Informal survey finds split on open campus issue

Parents should be able to decide if they want their child to be able to leave during lunch, and students could have the option of dining in the cafeteria or traveling to a local restaurant for their meals.
By allowing students to leave school during the lunchtime hours, schools would be offering pupils the freedom of being able to take a break from the day and have some free time with friends.

I strongly believe students should be allowed to leave for lunch period.

Informal survey finds split on open campus issue

The ability to leave during the lunch period would be a useful addition to a high school education if used in a responsible manner.

Salisbury-Elk Lick
Being allowed to leave school over lunch period would require a lot of restrictions.

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On a recent lunch period, dozens of vehicles formed a line as an assistant principal — holding a sign that said “Buckle Up” on one side and “No , No Go” on the other — stood at the campus exit to check identification.