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Purpose, design, implementation, and effective use of data warehouses and data warehousing technologies. Topics include data warehouse design, data marts, data quality management, extract-transform-load process, and business intelligence. Prerequisite(s): or , .

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Models of how to conduct business electronically. Topics include different forms of e-business, products and services provided on the Internet, how to combine electronic business with brick-and-mortar business, and keys to success for electronically enhanced businesses. Prerequisite(s): .

Concepts, methods, techniques, and tools needed to initiate a systems development project and to conduct the requirements collection, analysis, and structuring activities of systems development. Structured life cycle and alternatives. Re-engineering business processes through information systems. Prerequisite(s): or ; (may be taken as a corequisite); Business majors only or permission of department chairperson. Corequisite(s): .


Introduction to management information systems concepts, terminology, purposes, and applications for the nonbusiness student. Not open to students in the School of Business Administration or to those with credit in . Permission of department chairperson required. Prerequisite(s): (BAI 103L or or or ); junior standing.

A crisis management plan (CMP) is a reference tool, not a blueprint

An example is detecting stuck measurements for sensors normally involved in closed loop control. This can be detected outside of data reconciliation because a stuck measurement will lead to the calculation of near-zero standard deviation in the raw (unfiltered, unreconciled) values sampled at a shorter time interval than the reconciliation interval. That evidence might be combined with observing the controller output swinging to either the minimum or maximum value as long as there is some integral action in the controller. (Similar controller behavior but with normal sensor noise could indicate a stuck valve - a process problem rather than a sensor problem). When the operator notices the problem, they will put the controller into manual, which is also a heuristic indication of a possible failure, while the sensor or valve is being fixed.

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Study of selected topics or issues in applied statistics, quantitative business analysis, and production and operations management. Topics vary from time to time. May be taken more than once if topics change. Title will reflect topics covered in a particular offering.

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Observability was defined in a very general way using topological properties of sets. Results to classify observability, predict estimator performance, and decompose problems based on observability and redundancy were then made more and more specific as additional assumptions were made, such as the existence of derivatives or second derivatives for nonlinear equations, and the extreme but important case of linear constraints and measurements. The abstract for the paper is:

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Concepts and OPS software-based techniques of designing, implementing, managing, and improving operations in manufacturing and service organizations, including project management, services systems design, resource allocation modeling, facility location, layout, aggregate planning, scheduling, and material requirements planning. Survey of major OPS strategies such as: just-in-time production, total quality management, business process reengineering, synchronous manufacturing, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain management. Not open to students in the School of Business Administration or to those with credit in . Student must show aptitude in quantitative materials. Prerequisite(s): (BAI 103L or or or equivalent); (, or equivalent); junior standing; permission of department chairperson; or equivalent; or equivalent recommended.