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There were three styles of columns in Greek architecture: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian.

There are about 6000 languages that exist today

Other times men
gave her a Medusa-like head with snakes around her head.

Diana was the goddess of girlhood and virginity.

Greek Wifes

The father of the daughter paid another man to take the daughter off his hands in the form of a dowry.
After that point, the woman became the property of the husband.

In the New Testament this is the name of a Corinthian Christian who aids Saint .

Ancient Greek Female Names (Greek Community) | …

It was a common practice for Greek men to lock up their own wife in the home when they left.
Respectable women were not to show any flesh but to keep their bodies covered, even in the art depictions
of married women having sex with their own husbands, the women were clothed while their husband was naked.

A wife's sole responsibilities and duty in life was to bear the legitimate children and labor in the

In the Greek theatre comedies poked fun at the foolishness of people and especially politicians.

Female homosexuality and female masturbation are rarely depicted
unless seen with a dildo.

Rape was common in Ancient Greece and seen by men as a "right of domination" by Greek men.