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This paper asks whether immigration to Britain has had any impact on average wages

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N2 - Undocumented immigration has become a contentious issue in the U.S. over the past decade. Opponents of undocumented immigration have argued that undocumented immigrants are a social and financial burden to the U.S. which has led to the passage of drastic and costly policies. This paper examined existing state and national data and found that undocumented immigrants do contribute to the economies of federal, state, and local governments through taxes and can stimulate job growth, but the cost of providing law enforcement, health care, and education impacts federal, state, and local governments differently. At the federal level, undocumented immigrants tend to contribute more money in taxes than they consume in services, however, the net economic costs or benefits to state and local governments varies throughout the U.S.

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As an example. consider the impact of a typical family of seven, immigratingfrom a country where their owning a car was highly unlikely. When they come toAmerica they are likely to acquire cars (0.76 cars per familymember)1. For every mile they drive, they pollute and depleteresources that could have been relatively unaffected had they continued theirprior lifestyle. The act of border crossing enables them to make lifestylechanges that adversely affect the environment; by becoming Americans they adoptthe consumption and pollution patterns of the world's most environmentallydestructive lifestyle.

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The White Paper on Immigration was a policy document commissioned by the government to review immigration legislation and make recommendations on its restructuring. The report suggested that Canada should focus on recruiting qualified immigrants and tighten the controls on sponsored immigration to avoid an influx of unskilled labourers. Although the proposal to restrict sponsored immigration was broadly criticized, the white paper laid the foundation for new immigration regulations in 1967.

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7. Because the discussion of immigration has been essentially taboo untilvery recently, the effects of immigration on our society are very muchunderstudied and under-reported. Leon Bouvier's "50 Million Californians?"effectively documents many effects of immigration, and describes thesocio-economic shifts caused by immigration.

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6. Of course, there are only two ways for a population to grow: by births andby immigration. America's birthrate is now at replacement level, and risingrapidly. This is largely caused by high-fertility immigrants.

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At the beginning of the twentieth century, Canadian immigration agents carried on a concerted campaign to block black settlement in Canada. Canadian officials claimed no colour bar existed in their policies, but they created numerous obstacles for immigrants of African descent. This discriminatory practice was driven by pervasive domestic racism, and reached its fullest expression in 1910-1911. In response to persecuted black farmers attempting to leave the United States in the hope of a more just life in Canada, Sir Wilfred Laurier’s government used the pretext of their supposed climatic unsuitability to pass an Order-in-Council banning all “negro” immigration.

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Recent U.S. immigration policies were created with little consideration fortheir adverse impact upon America. Certainly, there was no consideration fortheir environmental consequences. They were designed to produce cheap labor,expanded markets, increased church membership, and warm feelings in the heartsof a few Political Action Committees and foundations. They were NOT designed topromote the well-being of America or of the world. In the future, we must changecourse if we are to stop the decline in our standard of living and the increasein our impact upon the global environment.

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In 1908, Canadian Minister of Labour Rodolphe Lemieux negotiated an agreement with Japanese Foreign Minister Tadasu Hayashi to restrict Japanese immigration to Canada. Restrictions on Japanese immigration were deemed necessary following a recent influx of Japanese labourers in British Columbia and a surge of anti-Asian sentiment in the province. Under the terms of the “gentlemen’s agreement,” the Japanese government voluntarily limited the number of Japanese immigrants annually arriving in Canada to 400.