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Then & Now will be for sale at a special launch price and Denise will be signing books.

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Hi Steve,
This is Robert, I want to say thank you so much. You're my hero lol. Thank you for having me at Footnight. You made me feel at home. One of the reasons I decided to finally attend your party was because I've always had a foot fetish and some people just aren't into it so you tend to hesitate when it comes to people asking what do you like to do for fun. Some people think it's weird or disgusting or that you're some type of pervert, so to avoid being viewed as odd I don't really reveal that side of me and it was finally so cool to go to a place where you are around people of the same interest. I like the intimacy of the location for the party where the girls can remember who you are. Speaking of girls, your girls last night were totally amazing, Vanessa blew me away! she knows how to work those legs and feet on a man's face. Shelly was awesome, had the perfect body to me for a woman 5 foot 10 and perfect size 10 feet that I could never get tired of. I hope to see her again, I looked for her later but she had already left. I forgot the name of the mother of one of the daughters that was there but she was cool, I like her, it was her first time as well and my first session, so I felt a little at ease knowing that both of us were new to the party, and I finally took your advice and took Lana for a session in fact we had 2 sessions,.She was my last session when the party was over and you had left before I could thank you. Lana was hot and a fun girl, I can't wait to see them all again next month, they all made my longtime dream come true and I will always be grateful to them for that. I look forward to next month to see the girls again and I know I'm more comfortable because I know what to expect. Thanks again Steve for bringing my fantasy to reality and being so helpful. I wish you nothing but the best and forward to the next time

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Full Moon Party, Fullmoon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand

“Tom Kuo and the crew did some amazing parties there as well. There was one event where he put all these semi-transparent balloons in the ceiling and projected a bunch of images, which looked like echoes of ideas in someone’s brain. Now Tom is doing next level installations that must be experienced to believe.” (The wabi collective hosts occasional events to this day. Fleming continues to DJ, and runs event-production company .)

Then and Now Picture Frame, 50th Anniversary Gift, Gold Anniversary, Gifts for parents, 25th Anniversary, Anniversary Frame 20x20

“Dance music is so huge now it’s probably hard for a young reader to imagine how small that scene was back then. Everybody knew each other. There definitely was a community, and we could feel it on a weekly basis.”

Then and Now Picture Frame, 50th Anniversary Gift, Gold Anniversary, Gifts for parents, 25th Anniversary, Anniversary Frame 20x20

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As for the Chicks Dig It founders, they took the party to a variety of locations before parting. Speers is now a mother and lawyer, but still finds the time to DJ at Thymeless, reggae shows galore, and on her Rebel Music radio show, heard on . Lachapelle , and mixed their Metro Breaks: NXT Level compilation. She is now a Homeopathic Practitioner and is studying massage therapy.

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In some ways, it’s both impressive and amazing that a venue the size of Guvernment remained committed to an electronic music format on Saturdays for its entire history. There was a period in the very early 2000s when Toronto’s rave scene fractured, the audience for the music shrunk, and the parties moved into more intimate club settings. Guvernment also had to compete for crowds and talent with newer clubs like and . The guaranteed big room draws weren’t as plentiful then as they would become less than 10 years later, as EDM became all the rage in America.

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“Urban music was starting to blow up in the mainstream again, but back then you could only really listen to R&B and hip-hop at much smaller venues. A lot of club owners worried about touching an urban night, but then, Charles was never typical. He took a chance on bringing the format into the main room for a weekly. In the process, he captured a massive audience that wanted to experience an urban party in a world-class club environment.”

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Friday nights at The Guvernment also attracted a variety of people to the different rooms. The crowd was largely gay for well over a year, with DJs including Cory Activate, James St. Bass and Matt C playing alongside out-of-town guests. Guv was known to be very gay friendly, with Boy’s Life events, Prism parties, and other special events in the overall programming mix.

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Zark Fatah, now partner in Capture Group, was one of those people. He had worked at RPM as a go-go dancer, got hired as an early Guvernment bartender, and promoted various rooms at the club before heading to Miami for a stretch. When he came back in 1999, Fatah worked door at The Drink.