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You can make a wine glass sing a pure tone by rubbing your degreased and wetted finger around the rim. Vibrations are set up in the wall of the glass and resonance occurs in the air column. When you increase the volume of water inside the glass the frequency of the sound changes (increases/decreases? - you find out). A lot of it is counter-intuitive! But is the pitch proportional to the circumference, the diameter of the glass or the amount of liquid in the glass? Physics books give wayward opinions and you could finally work out who is right and what factors are involved. Capture the sound on a CRO and work out the frequency. Four variations you could try are shown below. The last one has a solid column in the glass so there is less water but the same water level. Or you could compare liquids of different density or viscosity; or non-polar (hexane) with polar (ethanol). Don't try to do too many variables or you'll run out of time.

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Physics Classroom: Acceleration in Circular Motion

A physics professor, who was teaching a graduate course on superstring theory, decided to add an essay question to this year's final exam.

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In his memoirs, Einstein wrote that he was disturbed that his equations contained solutions that allowed for time travel. But he finally concluded: the universe does not rotate, it ex- pands (i.e. as in the Big Bang theory) and hence Goedel’s solution could be thrown out for “physical reasons.” (Apparently, if the Big Bang was rotating, then time travel would be possible throughout the universe!)

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