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Political prisoners were freed, and all political exiles were allowed to return to South Africa.

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For example, nine of the twenty-six regional list seats initially won by the DA were obtained in Gauteng province, so the party regional list in the province was awarded eight of the twenty-four DA national list seats.

That year the government also repealed the Prohibition of Political Interference Act of 1968, which had prohibited multiracial political parties.

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The SACP was originally founded as the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) in July 1921 in Cape Town. The CPSA was formed out of the merger of several leftist organizations, including the International Socialist League (ISL), the Social Democratic Federation, the Durban Marxist Club, the Cape Communist Party, and the Jewish Socialist Society. The CPSA affiliated with the Communist International (Comintern), headquartered in Moscow, which provided it with political direction, although some party factions opposed Moscow's intervention in South African affairs.

Under apartheid, existing racial segregation and discrimination policies were codified and extended, to cover every aspect of life in South Africa.

The ANC's major political partner throughout most of the apartheid era was the SACP. SACP leaders helped the ANC to secure the support of communist and socialist governments during its period of exile, played important roles in ANC policy formulation, and helped to consolidate support for the ANC in the labor movement. The SACP at times played a moderating role in the ANC, too; for example, in early 1993 SACP chair Joe Slovo drafted the ANC's proposals, couched in a "sunset clause," to compromise and to share power with the NP. Slovo's position was that compromise was necessary because the party was "not dealing with a defeated enemy," but with the NP as a minority party.

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Explores the obstacles to governance and the opportunities for democratization in East Africa. The work looks at the conflict situation in East Africa and particularly in Somalia, the trade in small arms and light weapons, the refugee situation, tensions around national identity, the legacy of US policy in the region, and how these issues impact governance.

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In 1994 the ANC proposed a number of controversial cabinet appointments, adding to the difficulties inherent in transforming itself from a former liberation movement into a broad-based political party. A notable case was that of Winnie Mandela, who had earlier been regarded as South Africa's "first lady of liberation." She had staged a political comeback after being stripped of her official posts in the ANC and after being shunned by many black leaders because of her 1991 conviction for her part in a kidnapping that had resulted in a death. Her five-year jail sentence was set aside for a fine, but she was subsequently removed from the ANC's NEC and as head of its Welfare Department.

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The high-level seminar was held on Tuesday in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, bringing together delegations of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and representatives of political parties from African countries including Ethiopia, Rwanda, Namibia, Tanzania, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Sudan and Uganda.

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In his remarks at the opening of the seminar, Ai Ping, representative of Chinese delegation, said the CPC carries out various forms of exchanges with over 80 political parties in more than 40 African countries.

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This work examines the challenges facing democracies in East Africa. It includes the consequences of issues like the Rwandan genocide, violent civil wars, and other factors in the quest for democracy. The book focuses on the challenges to the emergence of the democratic political systems in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.