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Pi Gamma Mu is the international honor society that recognizes outstanding scholarship in the social sciences at UMUC. Students interested in anthropology, criminal justice, economics, gerontology, history, political science, social psychology, sociology, and women's studies may qualify for membership. The society recently named UMUC's Maryland Theta chapter to its Roll of Distinction, the highest honor that the society grants.

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Additionally, the loss of the essence of citizenship due to lack of compulsory conscription has resulted in the degradation of national unification. The United States contains two distinctly separate worlds, one civilian and one military. There is no cohesion between the two. Immediately preceding the calamitous events of 9/11, Robert Putnam, political scientist and professor of public policy at Harvard University, wrote a book about the American lack of social cohesion (Grigsby 111). Furthermore, Grigsby adds that although the 9/11 tragedy led to emergency personnel response and personal sacrifice, as well as a surge in patriotism and an increase in American interest in service to country, it did not result in any notable increase in volunteering or other support services (111). Even today, relatively few Americans have been a part of wartime service or any other form of national programs (110). Without military service by the majority of the people, the armed forces concerns, responsibilities, and understanding are lost. Consequently, the loss of the draft is also resulting in American loss of national unity. Today, the all-volunteer military force continues to be the United States’ backbone and strength in protecting United States homeland security. Since the conclusion of the Vietnam War and the end of the draft, the U.S. military has been comprised of all volunteers. The all-volunteer army’s 35-year commitment, professionalism, and enhanced cohesion due to the strains of military combat are the very core of unity (113). Each troop is responsible not only for his own actions and survival, but for his neighboring soldier’s as well. Grigsby concludes that this enhanced cohesion, although essential to combat environment, has the undesired effect of civilian and troop inability to be part of the other’s world. The military views the average American as leading a soft life, and the civilians have no comprehension of the values and realities of the soldier. Oftentimes, the only connection they have with one another is through family (113).

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With a Bachelor of Science in political science from University of Maryland University College, you'll develop a comprehensive understanding of American government and global politics. By analyzing political structures, theory, and problems, you'll learn to interpret complex political problems and propose potential solutions. You'll also have an opportunity to enhance your professionalism and fine-tune your communication and organizational skills.

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In your core political science courses, you'll develop research and communication skills. Courses examine issues in policy development, global terrorism, foreign policy, defense policy and arms control, the intelligence community, and challenges in modern politics.

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Political science is a social science that focuses on the analysis, description and prediction of political systems, behaviour and politics. It is mainly a study of governments, public policies and political processes and systems as well as political behaviour. Some of the areas of study in political science include: international relations, political philosophy, political economy, political theory, political ideology among others.

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The terms politics and political science are often used interchangeably but do not mean the same. Politics is defined as the laws, methods and practices of group which makes decisions that is a government over a community. On the other hand, political science refers to the systematic study of the process of politics;an organised body of knowledge dealing with concepts.

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A survey of the basic principles of political science. The objective is to define the main features of primary systems of political economy to understand differing methods of governance and articulate consequences of government actions in a globally interdependent system. Topics include the relationship of political science to the other social sciences; modern democracy, political ideology, and political socialization; the function of public opinion, mass media, interest groups, and political parties; the basic institutions of government and the separation of powers; and the role of international relations and globalization.

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A political science essay should be written concisely. It should have a clear and informative introduction as well as a summarised conclusion. One needs to take a strategic approach to ensure that the essay is successful completed. It is important to be cautious enough when using political terms as some of the terminologies may be gender biased, promote racism or ethnicity or even sideline an occupation. These are viewed as critical areas in political essays.