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A group of like-minded thinkers, such as a group of Theosophists, may do much to spread theoso-phical ideas in their own neighbourhood by agreeing to give a fixed ten minutes a day to thinking on a theosophical teaching. It is not necessary that their bodies should be gathered in one place provided that their minds are together. Suppose such a group decided to think about reincarnation daily for ten minutes at a fixed time for three or six months. Powerful thought-forms would then throng the selected district, and the idea of reincarnation would

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In cultivating the power of observation, as in everything- else, a little practice repeated daily is much more effective than a great effort followed by a period of inaction. We should set ourselves a little daily task of observing a thing carefully, imagining it in the mind in all its details, keeping the mind fixed on it for a short time, as the physical eye might be fixed on an object. On the following day we should call up the image, reproducing it as accurately as we can, and should then compare it with the object, and observe any inaccuracies. If we gave five minutes a day to this practice, alternately observing an object and picturing it in the mind, and recalling the previous day's image, and comparing our picture with the object, we should " improve our memory" very rapidly, and we should really be improving our powers of observation, of attention, of imagination, of concentration; in fact, we should be organising the mental body, and fitting it, far more rapidly than nature will fit it without assistance, to discharge its functions effectively and usefully. No man can take up such a practice as this, and remain unaffected by it; and he will soon have the satisfaction of knowing that his powers have increased, and that they have come much more under the control of the will.

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Has the Wikipedia attempted to misinform the reader? The attempt of the Wikipedia to deceive the reader is demonstrated in their censorship of the above statement pertaining to the Ebionites by Hippolytus. Why? Because this statement not only portrays the Ebionites in a totally different and very spiritual light than what is presented in the history books -- but when properly understood, demonstrates that the present faith-based Christian Church is a misrepresentation of what Jesus actually taught. Is the position of the original Ebionites that is being censored correct? That the Ebionites are correct, and that the Church has been promoting the grave error and idolatry of Pagan Rome, is easily proven in the original account of Jesus' baptism in the Jordan where it was said from heaven: (see ). That this Gospel account was changed in the fourth century by the Emperor Constantine and his Church, represented the final series of corruptions of the biblical text that alienated the Church from the Truth and the inner Kingdom. Constantine was a sun worshipper -- and he reasoned that Jesus was the latest incarnation of the Mithraic sun-god. But of paramount importance is the fact that the original Gospel message was that: All who overcome, and fulfill the Law within themselves, will become the Messiah/Christ -- which Hebrew and Greek words in English means The Anointed Of God. And it is this Power of the Anointing that opens the mind to see beyond the cloak of the and to the degree that the Anointing can be received, begin the process of being taught by the indwelling Logos/Son of God.

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The scriptures are a Living Entity -- and as such, they are threefold in nature and form. What does that mean? The literal text of the scriptures is for the most part allegorical, and is the body -- the mind/soul of the scriptures is for the instruction of true seekers, and its esoteric meaning is not readily apparent to those who have not embraced the process of acquiring true spiritual knowledge and an understanding of the Laws within which each of us are immersed -- and the spiritual nature of the scriptures can only be seen by those who have undergone the process of spiritual transformation of the lower earthly kingdoms, and are pursuing the crucifixion of the body in the pattern that Jesus ordained for those who follow in TheWay. The literal text of the scripture is intended to teach certain moral and physical lessons about life -- and especially in the case of the New Testament, what the true disciple of Christ must do to prepare themselves to learn directly from the One Teacher that Jesus commanded his followers to seek out (see ), and from this One Teacher they could receive the Divine Manna/Knowledge of the Kingdom. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, and other interactions with the common people, convey to the seeker important lessons about embracing the proper mindset and living a God-Centered spiritual Life which was preparatory to becoming the . Paul rightly states: (1 Cor 3:16 ASV). And only by , and becoming the , can the believer gain entrance to the Inner Kingdom, and learn directly from the One Teacher.

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When the Key of Knowledge is properly applied to the Gospel of John -- i.e., -- what is being make reference to is the Logos (see ). The word that is being translated Word in the text, is derived from the Greek word Logos. Quoting from the Encyclopedia as presented at the foregoing link explains that -- and the connecting link between all religious systems is demonstrated in where the Logos can be found, as presented in the words of Clement of Alexandria where he stated: Which means that the Logos portrayed in the Gospel of John must be found within each person -- exactly as stated by Peter in the Homilies in the foregoing subheading in the words: When John 1:4 states that -- reference is being made to the Light of the Logos that is within each of us. And that organic man as the lost prodigal son dwells in what Jesus portrayed as the of mind and being (see) -- portrays this condition in John 1:5: . And where John 1:9 states that , what is being made reference to is the fact that the soul of the holy man Jesus who was coming into the world, was of such a spiritual stature that in becoming One with the Logos within himself, he manifested the Logos in the flesh (see). And this is why Jesus became the Anointed (Messiah/Christ) at his baptism in the Jordan when the words of God said for all of mankind to hear: . That this symbiotic relationship of the man Jesus, to the indwelling Logos, was fully understood by his immediate disciples and followers who were known as Ebionite Nazirenes, is demonstrated where Edward Gibbon in the Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire states that they believed that Jesus was in And that he was the first to fulfill the Law within himself, is demonstrated in the words of Hippolytus who stated that the Ebionite Nazirenes believed that: : Because the Christians who called themselves Orthodox could not come to terms with the words spoken of Jesus at his baptism -- i.e., (see) -- and the spiritual reality that Jesus was a true holy man who had become ONE with the indwelling Logos/Son of God which dwells within all of mankind -- they chose to corrupt the words which the Gospels proclaim as being spoken directly from God to mankind, instead of submitting themselves to the process of picking up their own cross and travailing in TheWay, in order to learn directly from the Indwelling Logos/Son of God which the disciples portrayed as the True Prophet and One Teacher that Jesus taught to seek out and learn from. As explored in , after putting their own words in the mouth of God -- censoring and corrupting the very words spoken to mankind -- the Church has promoted the dogma that salvation is achieved through blind belief in the Jesus-god of pagan Rome. While the ONE TEACHER that Jesus commanded all his follower to seek out and learn from, would be able to easily reveal to them how Jesus was a holy man who became the Anointed (Messiah/Christ) at his baptism in the Jordan -- while, by becoming ONE with the Logos/Son of God, that this Manifestation of ONENESS enabled the Logos/Son of God to appear before mankind in the flesh (of Jesus) -- yet, instead of doing what Jesus taught, they corrupted the Gospels and spiritually disenfranchised the Christian world from the Truth and TheWay. Jesus said: (John 14:15). And while some of his Commandments were easily understood, others were more difficult -- including how a seeker was supposed to obtain clarifiction on important issues. And while the standard answer is to turn to the scriptures, it is a fact that nearly everyone not only sees a different message in the scriptures -- but arrives at greatly differing and often conflicting dogmatic positions. Where the equation gets truly confusing is seen in the fact that the Apostle Paul condemned all manmade opinions, factions and sects as a sin of the flesh -- and that such a person who embraces a manmade opinion, should be rejected as one who is turned out of TheWay (see ). While the Gospels present countless perplexing problems that divides believers across the spectrum of virtually opinions and sects, perhaps the most perplexing of all is the paradox of the human and divine nature of the soul who lived as Jesus. Does it matter? Christians have not only disputed over the conflicting opinions as to how this question can be answered -- but throughout history have even resorted to killing those who did not agree with their dogmatic position. -- and, his Commandment was to seek out the. Why? Because of the warning of Peter with respect to the true interpretation of the scriptures and the limits of human organic reasoning -- i.e., Peter stated in the Homilies of his disciple Clement: And it is this spiritual reality that is presented in the words: (John 6:45 NIV). It is for this reason that the believers of the simple faith are not yet Christians, because they have not yet received the Anointing -- which is impossible to receive without embracing the proper mindset and consecrated lifestyle. Moreover, the Anointing is not philosophical or rhetorical -- as becoming a believer -- but is an actual illumination of higher consciousness that permits the disciple to use more of their mind that the natural man is capable of using in his organic condition. A person cannot be a genuine Christian -- i.e., an Anointed one -- without possessing the knowledge of their pre-existent soul. A person cannot possess the knowledge of the soul, without knowing the previous lives that the soul has lived. In Pistis Sophia, one of the sacred books used by the Spiritual (Gnostic) Christians, which name in English means the Book of Faith-Wisdom, Jesus states: . In this quotation we not only see that the Spiritual Christians understood that Jesus taught the reincarnation of the soul -- -- but what we have here is the genuine foundation of Paul's doctrine that man can do nothing on his own, and can only be saved through faith in Christ. The problem arises when we do not understand the difference between Jesus -- the historical man -- and Christ -- the Anointing of the mind -- or the Logos, or Mind of God. It is this reason also that believers fail to understand the declaration in the beginning of the Epistle to the Romans where Paul writes that: When the Gentiles do the things of the Law, without the Law, they become a Law unto themselves, and can be saved. It is further this reason that we do not understand when Paul says not to seek the Jesus after the flesh, but rather the Christ of the Spirit. In the article on Christian Mysticism, the Encyclopedia Britannica writes regarding Valentinus, who was considered orthodox in the beginning of the second century, and states: . While this reality may sound foreign and strange to the modern Christian, it is in fact parallel to the parable of the prodigal son. But since the modern Christian rejects the important teaching on the pre-existent soul that evolves to perfection over the course of many lifetimes, because they adhere to the doctrines of a Circus Prostitute (see ), they remain hopelessly lost in the quagmire of this world of the (see ) Once properly understood, what Valentinus was in fact stating was no different than what was also clearly stated by the early church authorities, Paul, Jesus, and the present-day Canon of Scriptures itself: That there are three types of Christians -- i.e., the spiritual which are in union with God, and are saved; the psychic, or disciple in search of the Truth, which are still walking in The Way; and the material or physical, who are the people of the simple faith. The mysteries made reference to in Pistis Sohpia that, according to the Jesus presented in this gospel, states that a person must possess the sacred Knowledge of the Kingdom in order to be saved -- and this is the knowledge of the laws that both preserve the natural barriers of this realm, as well as restrict carnal man's access into the spiritual realms and the Kingdom (see ). When the disciple knows the workings of these natural laws of Creation, they are then able to safely transcend the barriers between this and the inner Kingdom, and come into the presence of the Spiritual Christ.