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During a six-month period preceding the release, a prisoner may be allowed a 14-day discharge to find accommodation and work. During this period, the prisoner shall be placed in a prison that is situated as close as possible to their domicile. The prisoner is also entitled to information concerning acquiring essential help, especially addresses and competences of social institutions and organizations dealing with the provision of medical and material aid, finding work and accommodations, and legal advice. The prison director should make this information available to the prisoner.

The "Five Steps to Avoid the School to Prison Pipeline" uses a Pre and Post survey that is given before and after each step in the workbook is reviewed with students.

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1) coordination of penitentiary actions carried inside Penitentiary Unit and supervising them
2) assuring proper and lawful execution of prison sentence and preliminary detention and assuring security and order in Penitentiary Unit
3) supervising schools and medical units running inside Penitentiary Unit
4) rational using financial recourses5) assuring appropriate staff and developing their qualifications
6) determine amount of worksites in Penitentiary Unit
7) realization of duties presented in other acts

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No. Prison health care is organized in a different way than public health care. It is under the control of the Ministry of Justice. Medical services for prisoners are provided mainly by the prison healthcare system. It consists of 57 outpatient clinics and 17 hospitals. Public healthcare facilities cooperate with penitentiary units in providing medical services, especially in cases that endanger the life or health of the prisoner, conducting specialist physical examinations, treatment and rehabilitation and also providing health care services for prisoners that are temporarily discharged or benefiting from a temporary pass. The prisoners are provided with free of charge healthcare services. They also have access to free dental care. Prosthetics, orthopaedic equipment are being provided without cost, if their absence would worsen the prisoner's condition or prevent them from serving the sentence. In other cases, prisoners have to be charged for any orthopaedic aid.

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