suicide pacts are extremely uncommon — especially among teens

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Increasingly, Clinton's health and welfare policy has consisted of blaming teenagers for nearly all major social ills: Poverty, welfare dependence, crime, gun violence, suicide, sexual promiscuity, unwed motherhood, AIDS, school failure, broken families, child abuse, drug abuse, drunken driving, smoking, and the breakdown of 'family values," the latest count as of this writing.

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The case happened in September 2012, when Audrie found herself in a situation of underage drinking. During the drinking she fell unconscious which is when the trouble began. During her passing out, Audrie was then raped by the teens she was with. All the teens knew each other, which was the more shocking matter; they all attended Saratoga High School. However, the teens involved then took photos of Audrie during the attack and posted them on the Internet. For eight days after the event Audrie lived in terror, shame and fear until she finally decided suicide was the way to escape the damage and harm being forced on her mentally. Her parents had no idea what had happened until Audrie was already dead.

before she committed suicide due to the cyberbullying she suffered at the hands of three teens she knew. The attack involved photographs of her posted to the Internet by the boys. The photos also involved Audrie’s rape.