Physician-assisted suicide was legalized in Oregon in October 1997

Ian Dowbiggin, in Ancient Greece people used euthanasia without the patient's permission.

A problem for the idea of voluntary euthanasia. - …

"The Nazi's hid their racist, eugenic agenda behind theterm 'euthanasia,' terminating in secret the lives of 'undesirables.'It must never be forgotten that the Nazi 'euthanasia' programwas never euthanasia at all. That the Nazi's co-opted the termfor their own purposes should not obscure the fact that theirmotive was, from the very beginning, entirely different from thatof today's euthanasia proponents. The current euthanasia movementis anything but covert. The Hemlock Society and other supportersof the right to receive aid in dying have spent millions of dollarsto publicize their efforts. In this context, death is presentedas a positive alternative to pain and suffering, not a utilitariantool."

Proponentsof euthanasia also attempt to refute the slippery slope argumentin a variety of other ways. They contend that the current mechanismsused by the courts could easily prevent any slide toward involuntaryeuthanasia, that the currentpractice of passive euthanasia proves that the slope isn't allthat slippery since we haven't witnessed any massive killing programs,and that the example of how forced sterilization in the U.S. hasdiminished rather than increased, provides a more appropriateexample to rely on. Even Callahan (1989), a vocal opponent ofactive euthanasia, admits that the Nazi experience is not particularlyapplicable to the U.S. experience and that "Lives are notbeing shortened. They are steadily being lengthened, and particularlyfor those who are the most powerless: sick children and the veryold, the mentally and mentally retarded, the disabled and thedemented" (p. 4).

Euthanasia and assisted suicide is a rising controversial problem in the world....

On an Alleged Problem for Voluntary Euthanasia

Now, it is, and it's not. If something goes wrong, or if they simply can't save the patient, they make sure to dump the patient into hospice care before the patient dies. Even if it's not a surgical error, perhaps a medication error that caused irreversible damage, they can use hospice to solve their "problem." "We're sorry, there is nothing we can do, but hospice can help. You've heard of hospice, haven't you?"

Why the change in meaning and everybody’s new found view that Euthanasia is in fact murder.

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Findings on euthanasia in Belgium include:
…The system is not transparent. Just 16 members of a euthanasia commission are supposed to oversee thousands of euthanasia cases.
…The system relies on self-reporting. Of the thousands of reported cases, only one has been referred to a public prosecutor and it is estimated that only half of all cases are even reported.
…Since legalization in 2002, euthanasia has been “normalized”, with more and more cases of life-ending without request.

Direct but involuntary euthanasia is done for the patient without his or her request....

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Given its involvement in AB 2747 and Section 1233, Compassion & Choices clearly wants to become the Planned Parenthood of assisted suicide, no doubt hoping one day to receive public funds and medical referrals for end-of-life counseling, and, where legal, to facilitate assisted suicide. (It has already done the latter in Oregon.)

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.... Even as they were pushing explicit assisted-suicide legalization in Washington and Montana, advocates opened a second front in their quest to legalize death-hastening acts by doctors. Two members of the California assembly with close ties to Compassion & Choices had twice unsuccessfully attempted to legalize assisted suicide in the Golden State. Thwarted in that effort, they introduced Assembly Bill 2747, a bill they said required doctors only to inform their terminally ill patients about their end-of-life options. In actuality, as first proposed, the legislation would have permitted euthanasia by the back door.

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No, those who seek assisted-suicide do so because of the fear of being dependent or a burden on others, as well as to choose the timing of their own death (or the death of someone who has been categorized as "not competent" to make their own decisions . Even though the Compassion & Choices organization deceives with its tagline, it (and others) has been very successful in shaping American thought. Our culture has drifted further and further away from traditional American values that affirm the respect for the sanctity of life.

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Changing the movement's image has made a difference in its results. Two states have legalized assisted suicide - Oregon and Washington by voter referendum, and in a third, the " rule[d that] physician assisted suicide [was] . States from Hawaii to Vermont have experienced protracted legislative battles over the issue, the tide in favor of assisted suicide rising incrementally with each failed attempt.