is a major problem in American society

Parents, teachers and even political leaders encourage education in our society.

Education Articles: Importance of Education in Society

There are also genders and socio-economic conditions that result to disparities in the delivery of quality learning opportunities especially if we talk about access to ICT.

In Indonesia, for example, educational disparities can be seen across geographical areas, urban and rural, between western and eastern part of Indonesia and among groups of people with varying income and gender.

A major campaignis needed to reduce unintended pregnancies and the problems associatedwith them.

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They believe that success in terms of equity in education without quality will not enable the Thai people to trive in a knowledge-based economy and society.

However, opening access to quality education and learning opportunity to all children and people is not always easy as there are a number of constraints.

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A second task of social and behavioral science is to provideinformation about human behavior that can reduce violence, facilitate themajor demographic and economic transitions now under way in the world,and improve human performance and learning.

Comparative and International Education Society

The territorial issues and border conflicts with India, the socio-economic differences within the country, the struggle for a share of power between the provinces and the early death of the founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah, are some of those realities which not only politicized the policy making...

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Brunei, for example, is improving the quality of their teaching staff through better in-service and pre-service training and the intake of better qualified candidates in the teaching profession; upgrade and expand existing education facilities; to improve the administration and management of the education system, particularly in schools; and to upgrade the status of teaching profession by making classroom teaching an attractive profession comparable to other professional career paths in the public service.

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Funds for education, health, transportation, housing, community services,and job training are all allocated to geographic areas on the basis ofpopulation size and social and economic factors.

What is the Relationship between Education and Society?

For that reason the MOE Brunei is trying to reduce unemployment by matching the skills provided in education and training with the skills required by the industry and world of work.

Problems and Issues of Women Education in India

Morerecently, Research Council committees have published studies that drawon scientific knowledge concerning child development, education, families,an aging society, and many other issues with important social implications.