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John Deere's Latest Additions to Its Product Lineup

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Albion, IL – June 7, 2011 – Champion Laboratories, Inc., a leading manufacturer of filters and filtration products for the automotive, retail, on-highway and off-highway fleet, heavy-duty and petroleum-dispensing industries, offers a comprehensive series of reference catalogs for its Luber-finer® brand of premium filtration products.

Open a command line window on the guest and change to the  folder on the VirtualBox Guest Additions CD.

Additions or line extensions to existing products

Traditional hypervisors scan guest memory and compute checksums (hashes) for every single memory page. Then, they look for pages with identical hashes and compare the entire content of those pages; if two pages produce the same hash, it is very likely that the pages are identical in content. This, of course, can take rather long, especially if the system is not idling. As a result, the additional memory only becomes available after a significant amount of time (this can be hours or even days!). Even worse, this kind of page sharing algorithm generally consumes significant CPU resources and increases the virtualization overhead by 10-20%.

DETECTO Announces New Wheelchair Scale Additions to Product Line;

POWER was contracted to provide engineering services and capital cost estimates for production capacity upgrades at one of this frozen food manufacturer’s facilities. The project scope included addition of a new tortilla production line and automation of the taquito packaging systems. The project was executed utilizing a design/build approach.