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The match proceeded from this point, with the wrestlers kicking or running at each other.

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"We've kind of re-created the industry in the last two years by producing more realistic story lines." Vince McMahon and WWF wrestler Sean Waltman also agree that their product is geared towards young adults.

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We (Sean, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) told him two years ago before we left (for WCW) we think the product needs to be more edgy.'" Colleges around the nation, including Harvard, have started professional wrestling fan clubs and WCW held an "On the Road to Spring Break" tour that had wrestlers spend time signing autographs and hanging out on a number of college campuses, culminating with a televised show held in Panama City, Florida during spring break.

The popularity of the news groups and web sites, like the ratings of wrestling television shows, are growing as more and more young adults rediscover professional wrestling.

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But either the feds have found that the kiddie market has dried up, or they've found that kids aren't buying the same stuff or whatever, because they have started to move away from that, and with that move has come higher and higher ratings." After a five year period, during which time the WWF lost fans faster than they had gained them, the professional wrestling industry began to make a dramatic comeback.

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All this boils down to one disheartening fact: for most pro wrestlers, alas, there is greater risk of damage in their home than in the wrestling ring." The belief that professional wrestling had become far too removed from athleticism avoided judging both middle class fans or the predetermined nature of the matches.

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The WWF continued its success through the end of the 80's, reaching its climax in 1987 with "Wrestlemania III." As its popularity diminished, professional wrestling started to be mocked again by the mainstream media.

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When the average professional wrestling fan was lower class, wrestling's phoniness was part of what made it so terrible; but since, presumably unlike the lower class adult, the new middle class adult knew wrestling was fixed, the phoniness became part of its charm.

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Originally the connection between professional wrestling and the working class was non judgmental; but, after the outcomes of matches became predetermined, this changed.

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Indeed, it only took 12 months to turn Yvonne Williams, a 36-year-old single mother, into a boisterous fan--even if the action appears more phony than real." By 1986, professional wrestling was a form of family entertainment, phony for parents but real for many children.