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If you actually look at the annual evaluation of high schools, it’s obvious that the whole evaluatory project is meaningless without provincial exam grades. The most important numbers on that sheet are the average provincial exam grades in the different subjects for each school – and even more important – the mean differential between class grades and exam grades. Bad schools have a high differential. Sasha’s school, I’m absolutely sure, has a low differential – this is required for a School to be considered a good school. I don’t doubt that provincial exams create an incentive for parents to pressure teachings into inflating grades – but that incentive needs to be weighed against the incentive of having your grade-inflation be reported to the entire province.

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In my grade 12 class there was a guy who was granted early admission to UBC in Science only to have it revoked following a poor showing during his exams. I remember this because of a little friendly competition we had regarding grades. I was disappointed to find I hadn’t been granted early admission into Applied Science (which had a similar requirement to Science) but I killed myself studying to bring my grades up with good final exam scores. He didn’t have the same incentive to do well (so he thought) and got a nasty surprise.

While private schools probably do a better job of preparing their students for provincials (because they have more resources, etc), having the standardized exams does at least offer one form of protection against them inflating their grades, as well as tolerating activities like plagiarism.

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Provincial exams are also useful preparation for university, since they follow the same basic model as most Canadian university courses. By giving students a glimpse into how university works, they may help the students to make a more informed choice about whether to go.

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My preference would be to hold provincial exams in Grade 11, when it actually does matter for university admissions. Not in every subject, but in the critical ones of English (for all students) and Math (for science and business students). To hold exams after admissions have been decided seems a little unfair to those who put in the effort to do well on them.

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Provincial exams are a component of education, not its entirety. They are legitimately counterbalanced by other elements, and never make up the majority of a student’s overall mark. Skills and abilities are very important, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t rigorously test knowledge and the ability to express it in those cases where it is possible to do so.

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In reality, most people write the B.C. provincial exams just for pride (and perhaps a scholarship or two). With many students being accepted by guaranteed early admission, there was little practical incentive to do well on them – even when they were mandatory. A student with an 85% school mark (not particularly high for those entering university) would have already passed their course – generally the only condition placed upon those who are given a guaranteed offer.

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The discontinuation of provincial exams has to do with moving away from the merit-model of university, towards the market demand/supply model. It used to be that there would be X number of spots, and Y number of applications, and Y exceeded X by a great margin, so there was a need of a fair criteria to see who from Y would be an X. Now, if Y exceeds X we call that over-demand, and increase the number of spots (and tuition, to help fund the extra spots), until Y is hardly greater than X. Universities sell qualifications, not education now. This was very clear during the York strike when the admin refused to reduce tuition to students who were receiving less education because of the strike, on the grounds that they would still receive the same number of credits.