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The most important questionsthe story raises are: What cultural changes have the drugs effected?

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324), as if the effects of marijuanawere a clinical entity with distinct configurations analogousto an H2O molecule or a cumulus cloud; or the notion that drugusers are part of "an abnormal subculture" (Willis 1969,p.

The starting point of this history is as indeterminate as thedefinition of a psychedelic drug.

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During this period Sandoz supplied it to medicalresearchers in Europe and America as an investigatory drug; scholarlypapers described its effects on various human functions at variousdoses, compared it to other drugs, and examined its therapeuticuses and the relation of its action to schizophrenia.

Psychedelic drugs, then, are still with us, but the psychedelicmovement has disappeared.

Murphy and Cohen suggestedthat psychedelic drugs lower the threshold for internal sensations,especially those from the digestive system, the sex organs, andthe striped muscles.

Even for those who did not abandon them, psychedelic drugs ceasedto imply cultural radicalism.

The effects of psychedelic drugs vary tremendously, ..

Seven percent of the sample, or 34 percent of those whohad ever used psychedelic drugs, used them between 1974 and 1975and therefore were "current users"; by extrapolation,1,370,000 men in their twenties qualified for this designation.

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A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse based on informationcollected from October 1974 to May 1975 from a sample of 2,500men in their twenties shows the following: Twenty-two percentof them had used psychedelic drugs; 10 percent had used them tenor more times; only 23 percent of those who had used them haddone so in the previous year, and only 8 percent in the previousmonth.

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Actually, it appears that almost as many people are experimentingwith psychedelic drugs now as in the late sixties, but fewer aretaking them habitually, trying to build a vision of the universeand a way of life on them, or suffering unexpected disastrousreactions.

Psychedelic drugs are a controversial topic, ..

There is a widespread impression that all of this is past, thatin the late sixties everyone was taking psychedelic drugs andby the late seventies no one was.

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The linguisticconsciousness of primitive man is non-abstract; its concretenessis marked by a concrescence of name and thing (as exemplifiedby the various types of name taboos).

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According to data compiled by the PharmChem Research Foundation,a California organization, the only psychedelic drugs now generallyavailable on the street are LSD, PCP, and to a lesser extent MDA.