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Puerto Rico has been discussed as a potential 51st state of the United States

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These concerns do not even touch the economic consequences of adding Puerto Rico as a state. Those too are numerous. Take, for example, the average median household income in the United States– $50,046 in 2010. In Puerto Rico, the average was just $18,862. This is less than half of the lowest median income for any state in the United States – Mississippi at $36,851.

For more information about Puerto Rico statehood and the impact it would have on our national unity, please

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to visit our Action Center, where you can send a pre-written letter to your Member of Congress, urging them not to support statehood for Puerto Rico until, at minimum, English is declared the sole official language, and Puerto Rico operates as a primarily English speaking territory.

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Puerto Rico has a special legal status. Many would like Puerto Rico to be independent, while others would prefer it as a new state of the USA. And you? Test your arguments on the discussion forum below.

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U.S. Census Bureau data also shows that 41% of people in Puerto Rico live in poverty. Unemployment is 13%. Should Puerto Rico gain statehood, residents would become eligible for U.S. government benefit programs. Federal programs, such as food stamps and Medicaid, funded at the same level as other states, would cost the government an additional $20 billion dollars a year.

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Finally, as a state Puerto Rico would rank 28th in terms of population. This means in addition to two Senators, the state would also have at least six Congressional representatives. That means eight votes in the Electoral College in Presidential elections.

Puerto Rico To Vote On Statehood For Fifth Time In ..

SAN JUAN, P.R. — It is a proudly Spanish-speaking territory at a time when the White House has the Spanish version of its website. It is as as it is culturally rich. And Puerto Rico has entered version of bankruptcy, facing a staggering $123 billion in debt and pension obligations.

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Puerto Rico is currently exempt from the English language testing provisions of federal education law, and their system of education is taught primarily in Spanish. Should statehood occur, what language will be taught in Puerto Rican schools? Will English be treated as a foreign language? If Spanish is the principal means of educational instruction, how will English fluency be attainable by students?

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Such is the swirl of complex feelings toward the mainland in Puerto Rico, obtained by the United States in 1898 as a spoil of the Spanish-American War. Its mash-up Caribbean culture has long encompassed strains of ardent American patriotism and concerns about the dilution of a unique Hispanic heritage, and its compatibility with the broader American project. In San Juan, the Capitol is adorned on the inside with paintings of Puerto Ricans who served with particular distinction and bravery in the American military. Abraham Lincoln’s famous quotation — “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth” — graces the exterior.