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Fred Schepisi’s internationally acclaimed masterpiece, based on the novel by Thomas Keneally, is the shocking tale of an indigenous man driven to madness and revenge. Jimmie Blacksmith (Tommy Lewis) is a young Aboriginal ‘half-caste’ raised in central NSW at the turn-of-the-century, a boy initiated by his tribe but also educated by a stern Methodist minister (Jack Thompson). Looking to gain respectability in European society, Jimmy finds a white bride while performing back-breaking work on local farms, but cannot escape his skin colour, suffering ongoing racism and oppression. Discovering that he may not be the father of his wife’s child, and fired without pay, Jimmy explodes in a fury of violent revenge and escapes into the bush with his brother Mort, cutting a bloody path of retribution upon the society that has forsaken him. In 1901, the year Australian democracy is born, Jimmy Blacksmith finally faces his fate, and with it the fate of his people.

Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith, The (1978): Schepisi’s Period Drama, Indicting Racism in Australia

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"We do not perform this chant or anything remotely close to it for that matter, nor had I, or any active member in our entire chapter, heard of the chant preceding the release of the video containing racial slurs," chapter president Luke Cone said in a statement.

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In depicting the mistreatment of the aboriginal tribes via sexual and physical abuse, social subjugation, and economic domination, “The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith” offer interesting and inevitable parallels to the ways that Native Americans were mistreated by the White estblishment in the past.

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