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Get an authentic taste of your favorite fast food burger with this Copy Cat McDonald's Big Mac
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Humanistic Psychoanalysis of Steve Jobs | marcuswinslow

Hi. I was recently asked to help a young family member of a friend of mine with a legal matter. This case involves three 18 year old boys, best friends. August 2015 a tragic accident took place, an accident that will forever change the lives of all three families, and everyone who knew and loved these boys. One of these boys had a loaded weapon that discharged after dropping it and shot his best friend. The kid stayed with his friend trying to stop the bleeding, crying, repeating I am so sorry it was an accident. I cannot imagine what a traumatic experience this young man endured with this alone, but what happens from there only gets worse. This kid is put in handcuffs covered in his friends blood. He is interrogated by several officers, taken to a police station stripped naked of his clothing, given a paper suit to wear and there his is interrogated for hours. His mouth is swabbed his hands are swabbed, he is devastated, emotionally distraught and in tears. Nobody offers this kid help, nobody asks this kid if he is ok, and nobody cares. He is being charged, and forced into to taking a plea bargain that will incarcerate him as a dangerous criminal for the next 10 to 21 years, because he is not financially able to defend himself and he does not feel he deserves anything better. This kid is falling apart inside, I can see it in his eyes. He was publicly smeared by people who know nothing of the events that occurred, but just judged him anyway. The judge, prosecutor, and everyone involved say they all realize this is just a tragic accident, they acknowledge the emotions displayed by this young man make it hard to contain emotion themselves. I myself, break down and cried with this kid. Yet, still no one has offered this boy any type of help. He is definitly experiencing what I have read in all these posts….guilt, shame, isolation, fear of going out, blame, punishing himself, and a sadness. loss. and grief unimaginable to those who have not experienced such a tragedy. He feels he deserves to be in prison, or worse. His trial will be here in less than a month, and I need to know how or where I can get some help for this kid. He is in Phoenix, AZ so if anyone has any resources that my be of help to this young man Please let me know. This is a good kid, and I know he can make his life better by giving meaning to his friends life to prevent this from happening to other kids. I know if he could share his story with other kids that he may save others from the same fate. How can I get him involved to share his story. Where who how does one go about doing that? Anyone any suggestions would be helpful. I look into this kids eyes and it just breaks my heart. Thank you all for sharing your stories. I cannot wait to show this to him tomorrow. I know he will find comfort here. Thank you again for any information or resources you can provide.

Moms Are Very Tired And It's Not Why You Think
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you're at home all day so why are you tired

He’s a good kid. I mean, truly. Sticks up for the bullied. Fights for the weak. Volunteers for the cause. Never been in trouble. Gets good grades. Has been accepted to a Nursing School. He is everything I could have ever asked for in a child. He’s my baby. And he’s the subject on online scrutiny, speculation, rumors, and outright lies. Fortunately his name has not been made public. I can only imagine what will come if it ever does.

And no, it isn't because you drink too much coffee.
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My children are now grown, but my son was particularly rambunctious when he was young. I used to call him POG, for Proof Of God, because he put himself in so many perilous situations it seemed that if he were to survive to adulthood it would prove there was a benevolent and protective god who wanted him to. I lived in perpetual fear he would do something like the eight-year-old who ran into the path of Maryann’s car did whose death Maryann has lived with her entire life. I don’t know anything else about the situation, but had it been my son, as it could have been given the number of close calls he had, I would have put the blame entirely on myself as a parent, whether I was there or not, whether there was anything I could have done, or not.

The Day John Died - Kindle edition by Christopher Andersen
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