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I pull first from some of the writings of people that mean a lot to me, even in this day as I go about my work. First and foremost, one of my heroes from my college studies was Booker T. Washington. I first understood education in the context of my research as something that was denied to so many African-Americans. I read story after story about what African- Americans in this country did, frequently breaking laws to struggle with other white abolitionists or freedom fighters, to sit and try to learn how to read, how to add, and how to understand the inequities in which they lived. Booker T. Washington’s story in and of itself is a tribute to the pursuit of a deeper understanding of America, and he saw himself in this context of trying to help America live up to its dream.

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Of course, colleges and universities want and need to play an integral part in meeting this demand. But providing health science students with the knowledge and experience to enter this rapidly evolving field is a tall order. It requires an evolution in health science pedagogy: beyond textbooks, lectures, and the "watch one, do one, teach one" method practiced for decades. A comprehensive, modern health science education requires a combination of theory, team-based learning and practice, and experience with advanced technologies.

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More than 1,800 members and counting! This is a private group where you can discuss higher education IT issues with other higher education CIOs and IT leaders. Membership to the CHECS LinkedIn group is limited to higher education CIOs and IT leaders only.

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For example, team-based delivery and integrative medicine are growing trends in health care. As a result, health science education programs are incorporating this multidisciplinary approach as they plan new facilities. Departments are housed together. Flexible classrooms and simulation spaces accommodate teams of learners from various disciplines. These efforts foster collaboration and communication skills - proven factors in successful health care - and a better understanding of roles and responsibilities. In addition, advances in telemedicine and collaborative research are prompting health science programs to integrate advanced technologies and spaces to support telecommunications.

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“It is a staggering responsibility, but two things stand out: We cannot shirk it and we must succeed. And it is true, I am sure, that if we succeed[,] it will not be through the efforts of any one person. Success will only come through the development of a spirit of cooperation on the part of all those interested in collegiate education in Newark.”

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In addition to his leadership role in business, Mark continues his long track record of leadership in civic and social issues, especially public education. His fervent belief that every child deserves a quality education led him to KIPP Houston Public Schools, a high-performing charter school network serving over 9,500 economically disadvantaged students and one of the great success stories in education reform. He served KIPP as a board member for six years, most recently as board chair.

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The Giles County School System will provide a successful, challenging educational experience for all students, thus enabling them to meet and exceed grade level expectations, ultimately providing a pathway to college and/or workforce ready.