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39 How Fred Jones: Tools for Teaching works for me: How Fred Jones classroom management strategies in a foreign language classrooms - Shaeron Moorhead
41 Nothing Motivates Like Success: How to motivate students to succeed by promoting success - Susan Gross
43 How I differentiated with TPRS: Lesson plans and ideas to intertwine TPRS and differentiated instruction techniques - Catherine Leon
47 Preparing for AP exams from Level 1 with TPRS: A step-by-step guide to a TPRS curriculum that prepares students for the AP exam beginning in middle school - Alison Eustice, Amy O’Connor and Karen Rowan
50 TPR Storytelling Advanced Techniques: A collection of advanced techniques by the creator of TPRS - Blaine Ray

There are links to dictionaries, foreign language newspapers, phrase books, and language lessons.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods

29 Interviews with voracious readers and prolific authors
30 An interview with Susan Ohanian
33 An interview with Alfie Kohn
35 The Homework Myth Implications and questions for language teachers – Karen Rowan
38 The Mandarin Offensive: Inside Beijing’s Global Campaign to Make Chinese the Number One Language in the World - Michael Erard

Please note that some of the courses may require your browser to have the ability to read the language being learned.

2 Traditional and TPR Storytelling Instruction in the Beginning High School Spanish Classroom - Kelly Z. Varguez
12 Determining the Crucial Characteristics of Extensive Reading Programs: The Impact of Extensive Reading on EFL Writing -Sy-ying Lee and Ying-ying Hsu
21 A Comparison of TPRS and Traditional Foreign Language Instruction at the High School Level
- Barbara J. Watson
25 Desire + Attitude + Effort Successful Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language - A Real Life Story by D. Sankary

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How to Write Resume Foreign Language Skills

2 Support for Narrow Listening Libraries - Brian A. Caspino
10 Sustained Silent Reading Using Assigned Reading: Is Comprehensible Input Enough? - Sy-ying Lee
13 The Influence of First Language Reading on Second Language Reading and Second Language Acquisition - Haeyoung Kim & Kyung-Sook Cho
17 Kató Lomb’s Strategies for Language Learning and SLA - Scott Alkire

Rosetta Stone is the best way to learn a foreign language

2 Free Voluntary Reading and Autonomy in Second Language Acquisition: Improving TOEFL Scores from Reading Alone – Beniko Mason
6 A One-Year Study of SSR: University Level EFL Students in Taiwan – Sy-ying Lee
9 Is First Language Use in the Foreign Language Classroom Good or Bad? - Dr. Stephen Krashen
10 The Amount of Input Matters: Incidental Acuqisition of Grammar Through Listening and Reading – Victoria Rodrigo

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39 The Cross-Language Interview/ Interrogation: Dramatizing Students’ Lives in the Second Language Classroom - Steven R. Sternfeld
71 An Introspective and Retrospective Diary Study of Extensive Reading: A Case Study of French Language Learning - Shuhui Hong
78 I+J: How the Butler Can Do It - John Gilbert

Dice Games - Reading and Language Arts - Freebie

2 What is Structured English Immersion? Variations on a Theme - Grace McField
23 Extensive Reading in English as Foreign Language by Adolescents and Young Adults: A Meta-Analysis - Stephen Krashen
30 Story Telling Is the Bridge - Fei-yu Wang and Sy-ying Lee
36 A Note on the Rules of Grammar - R. Joseph Ponniah

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35 Improving Language Acquisition as an Adult. An informal list of brainstorms - Jason Fritze, Stephen Krashen and Karen Rowan
38 What are you reading right now? - Linda Li and Kirstin Plante
39 Access to Books and a Quiet Comfortable Place to Read: A Practical Guide to Establishing a Free Voluntary Reading Program - Jason Fritze and Karen Rowan