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Socialist Realism was taken up in Spain and France by artists like Renato Guttuso (eg.

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Others, such as June Howard, Richard Brodhead, Amy Kaplan, and Sandra Zagarell, have shown that realistic and regional fiction functioned in part as narrative spaces in which ideological conflicts about immigration, industrialization, urbanization, race, and above all national identity could be negotiated, if nor resolved.

The name was coined by the German art historian and critic Franz Roh in 1925, in a book entitled .

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To begin with, realism and regionalism were nor necessarily or exclusively literary palliatives to soothe a nation's fractured psyche after the Civil War, although they did serve chis purpose.

In sculpture famous photorealist artists include  (1925-96),  (b.1941) and  (b.1945).

In art, regionalism is a realist modern American art movement wherein artists shunned the city and rapidly developing technological advances to focus on scenes of rural life.

Deals with the history of art during various periods, e.g. Renaissance, Baroque and Realism.

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As a farmer’s son, Millet mostly painted the rural world and lifestyle at a time when it has started to disappear due to the industrialization of France. Depending on the viewers point of view, his work depicts either the dignity or the cruelty of peasant labor. As a characteristic to Realism, his works do not have much symbolism or drama in them, they are usually very calm and still. Millets paintings have a low viewpoint which gives the impression of being on the same level as the people portrayed in the paintings.

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Pizer, Donald. Realism and Naturalism in Nineteenth-Century American Literature. Rev. ed. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1984.

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Rebelling against avant-garde art, they proclaimed the supremacy of portraying traditional subjects in a realist manner, so as to make art more understandable and socially relevant.

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A treatment of realism in American theater, tracing the development of realist ideas about dramatic representation and their subsequent influence on American dramatists of the 20th century, including Eugene O’Neill, Elmer Rice, and others. Addresses the scant attention paid to the theater in the scholarship on realism.

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On the other hand, geologists of all creeds are agreed that the earth has existed for an immense series of years, -- to be counted by the millions rather than by the thousands.” And in the same volume, the Reverend Baden Powell (Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford) even endorsed Darwin’s theory of natural selection, just as he had earlier endorsed the evolutionary ideas of Robert Chambers’s Vestiges of a Natural History of Creation (1844).

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Includes a concise summary of earlier critical debates about realism (including and subsuming naturalism) and describes the cultural work in novels of Howells, Wharton, and Dreiser to construct social spaces that contain and defuse class tensions emerging in the late 19th century. Among the more influential new historicist interventions.