Most Americans during the Gilded Age wanted political and social reforms, ..
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The Gilded Age has been often portrayed as one of those dark periods in American history—a period of greed and corruption, of brutal industrial competition and harsh exploitation of labor.

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In our own era's simultaneous growth in both opportunity and insecurity, many have seen echoes of the late-19th century.

Eventually, the pervasive insecurity of the original Gilded Age inspired a major period of reform known as the Progressive Era. Many of the solutions earlier advanced by workers and farmers were adopted by middle-class activists and reform-minded leaders within business and government, all of them anxious to correct what they saw as troubling inequities in America's economic and political order.

A merica's Gilded Age was a period of intense economic and social change
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America in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
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So, when the country began to pull out of the Reconstruction Era in the mid-1870s, they were not foolin' around. Progress! Industry! Invention! Bajillions of dollars! The last three decades of the 19th century are called the Gilded Age, one of the most dynamic, contentious, and volatile periods in American history.

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peered into the future in his 1888 novel, The hero of the story wakes up in the year 2000 and looks back to see that all the hardships of the Gilded Age have withered away thanks to an activist, utopian socialist government.

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Anyway, during the Gilded Age, America's industrial economy exploded, generating unprecedented opportunities for individuals to build great fortunes but also leaving many farmers and workers struggling merely for survival. Overall national wealth increased more than fivefold, a staggering increase, but one that was accompanied by what many saw as an equally staggering disparity between the rich and the poor.

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Reforms went further by trying to root out urban corruption by introducing new models of city government. The city commission and the city manager systems removed important decision making from politicians and placed it in the hands of skilled technicians. The labor movement contributed the calls for workers' compensation and child labor regulation.

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Of course, the Progressives' solutions often created entirely new problems of their own. But that's a different story, one you can .

More to the point: as we examine the complexity of the late-19th century, we might consider whether there's a creative subtext to our own "gilded age," if we are indeed living in one. Are we on the verge of another progressive era? If so, how should we define progress?

And do the Americans who lived through the original Gilded Age have anything useful to teach us?