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From the ancient world onward, patronage of the arts was important in art history
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Peter's Basilica
- Michelangelo's decoration of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
Castel Sant'Angelo
- Wanted to rid the papacy of the Borgias' influence ("He [Alexander VI] ursurped the papal power by the devil's aid")
- Officially founded the Swiss Guard to provide a constant corps of soldiers to protect the Pope.

Sistine Chapel
- (1452–1498)
- Italian Dominican friar and preacher active in Renaissance Florence; known for prophesies of civic glory and calls for Christian renewal
- Prophesied the coming of a biblical flood and reformation of the Church
- Denounced clerical corruption, despotic rule, and the exploitation of the poor
- 1495 - When Florence refused to join Pope Alexander VI's Holy League against the French, he was summoned to Rome.
- He disobeyed the Pope by preaching under a ban and campaigning for reform in various ways
- Was excommunicated by the Pope, then imprisoned, where he was tortured into confessing that he had invented his visions and prophesies.
- On May 23 1498, he and two other friars were condemned, hanged, and burned

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Network of trade routes dominated by Hanseatic League
Ideas spread from Italy through trade and scholars
German Johannes Gutenberg developed printing press
Used movable type to mass print
More ppl can afford books
More ppl have books
Ppl learn to read
Education increases
Renaissance spreads
What were feature s of Northern Renaissance Art?
Very similar to Italian Renaissance
Popular for using symbolism in paintings
Important People
Dutch Priest
Believed in a simple life without materialistic goods
Championed Christian Humanism
Discontent with Catholic church
Wrote The Praise of Folly
Sir Thomas More
Wrote Utopia
Criticizes English govt
Envisions a perfect society
William Shakespeare
Greatest English playwright
Spread Renaissance ideas to masses through plays
Huge change from religious morality from Middle Ages
Italian born writer
Focused on the role of women in society
Wrote poetry, a biography of Charles V, and works that guided women on proper morality
Championed equality and education for women
Christine de Pizan
German oil painter, printmaker, engraver, woodcutter
Albrecht Durer
Melancholia I, 1514, engraving
Young Hare, 1502, watercolor
Jan van Eyck
Flemish painter that focused on landscapes and domestic life
Middle Ages or Renaissance?
A lot of the themes from the Renaissance are interconnected.

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Peter’s Basilica.

Papacy during Renaissance
Houses of Medici, Borgia, and della Rovere
Known for
Support of the Arts
Great influence of the College of Cardinals
The Papal States
High point of power for the papacy
Viewed as political and religious figure
Turned to for guidance
Strategies for election
Basic bribery
Biographical Information
Born Giovanni di Lorenzo de'Medici on December 11, 1475 to Lorenzo the Magnificent (2nd son)
Traditional ecclesiastical education
Reigned as Pope from March 1513-December 1521
Related to Pope Julius II and Pope Innocent VIII

- Head of Catholic Church (1 November 1503 to his death in 1513).
- Papacy marked by an active foreign policy,
- Wanted to re-establish glory to Rome
- "War of the Holy League" - alliance with France, Holy Roman Empire, and Aragon in order to defeat the Republic of Venice
as well as ambitious building projects, and patronage for the arts
- Commissioned destruction/rebuilding of St.

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