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Representation Society of Australia reviewed the Wright System noting While we …
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The advantages claimed for PR generally apply to STV systems

Students will consider the representation of Australia and questions around Australian identity in two poems. They will select one Murray poem and compare the representations of Australian identity in a poem from the selection below.

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Venice Biennale 2018 - Australian Institute of Architects

Students discuss and brainstorm in small groups their impressions of what themes his poetry may cover, what subjects/topics they might expect to find in Murray’s poems, what tone of expression. Encourage students to add information they have previously learned about Murray and other Australian writers such as: , , , , , etc. Have small groups present their brainstorm to the class, drawing out similarities in their predictions.

One of Australia's finest poets, Judith Wright's success lay in her ability to examine sensitive ..
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Unlike the Western Australian upper-house electoral system, the Wright System uses a reiterative counting process that differs from the Meek's method as an alternative to the method of segmentation and distribution of excluded candidates' .

Meet Matt Wright, an Aussie Outback Wrangler. Find out what is a wrangler and why they're an essential part of the Outback Australia.
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